Monday, November 3, 2008


Chris and Mel, over at Anarchangel, write some pretty good stuff, and his piece on the '08 election and why he is supporting what/who inspired me to attempt the same at this dreadfully late hour, for what it's worth...

I live in the 7th Congressional District of Washington, if that helps...

The GayCynic Voting Guide!

President: John McCain, Sarah Palin - while both posses serious downsides, they share a virtue - they are not Obama. They've not pledged to destroy the economy, betray the military, or play Robin Hood. And at a minimum, they aren't actively out to get LGBT folk, repeal Roe v. Wade, or try and undermine the Second Amendment and the delightful Heller decision.

House of Representatives, WA-7th Dist.: Steve Beren. He's not Jim McDermott. I'd like to see some strong material that supports a libertarian view of gay marriage and of firearms ownership, but I'm willing to start with "He's not McDermott".

Governor: Dino Rossi, GOP. He's balanced a seriously screwed up state budget before, he's gun-friendly, and for the most part, doesn't give much of a damn about gay folk one way or another. And he hasn't pissed away a huge state budget surplus into an impending 3.2 billion dollar state deficit.

Lt. Governor: Marcia McCraw, GOP - not out of any active dislike or distate for the incumbent, Brad Owens, but more in the spirit of "throw the bastards out". I am not presently happy with my state elected officials.

Secretary of State: Sam Reed, GOP. Only because I don't see anyone better. Not, IMHO, exactly the best election security guru. But I don't see anyone cheerleading for Voter ID, abolishing mail-in elections, and stringent security measures for any electronic voting machines. Better the devil we know in this case (he's not all that bad).

State Treasurer: Allan Martin, GOP. Only because I'm in the mood to send a message.

State Auditor: J. Richard McEntee, GOP. See State Treasurer.

Attorney General: Rob McKenna, GOP. He's doing a good job, he wrote a WONDERFUL pro-gun opinion thoroughly whacking Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and his proposed gun ban, and besides, I've met his mommy and she's a nice lady. Make the nice lady happy and vote for Rob.

Commissioner of Public Lands: Doug Sutherland, GOP. Some message, and it seems likely to peeve the evironmentally sensitive - always an indicator of a good deed. This race isn't exactly a priority to me.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Dear god, not another four years of Terry Bergeson and her "Discovery Learning" trashing public education. A nearly autonomic response will kick in with the intelligent voter, and result in a vote for Randy Dorn, GOP. Dorn, a former educator and legislator, will bring not only his native talents but walk into a situation he can't screw up much worse than his predecessor.

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler, DEM. With years of experience in insurance, he brings his views both as an agent and as a consumer advocate to the table. He's been doing a good job, and we shouldn't ought to jiggle his arm overmuch.

34th WA Legislative District: My State Senator and House Rep's are running unopposed, regrettably - never a good situation. Choose your favorite write-in, I did.

Initiatitive 985 (WA) : Yes. From perennial Initiative gadfly Tim Eymann, anything that rattles the PC sorts and the anti-car crowd this thoroughly deserves a vote just for entertainment value. Opens high-occupancy vehicle lanes to all traffic during specified hours, require traffic light synchronization, increase roadside assistance funding, and dedicate certain taxes, fines, tolls and other revenues to traffic-flow purposes.

Initiative 1000 (WA): Yes. Concerns allowing certain terminally ill competent adults to obtain lethal prescriptions. Would permit terminally ill, competent, adult Washington residents, who are medically predicted to have six months or less to live, to request and self-administer lethal medication prescribed by a physician. What is more private and personal than the decision, when faced with near-term terminal illness, of when and how you want to go? Thank you very much, but as long as I'm remotely competent, that's MY decision (as regards me and only me!).

Initiative 1029 (WA): No. Creates another layer of regulation requiring licensing (like that of nurses) for home caregivers, could easily be abused to require licensure of family caregivers.

King County Charter Amendment No. 1: Shall the King County Charter be amended to provide that the position of county director of elections be created as a nonpartisan elected office? No. Sounds too much like setting a fox (a political hack) to guard the hen-house (the election).

King County Charter Amendment No. 2: Shall Section 840 of the King County Charter be amended to add disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression to the prohibited grounds for discrimination in county employment and county contracting, and to limit the prohibition against discrimination in county contracting to contracts with nongovernmental entities, as provided in Ordinance No. 16204? Yes. Discrimination is bad, and worse, it's bad business. It's a pity that this has to be defined so closely, but some folks still don't get it really doesn't matter who (as a gov't entity) you buy a flyswatter from as long as it's cheap and does the job.

King County Charter Amendment No. 3: Expands power of "regional committee's" - cross-county organizations, as I understand it. Just say no. Keep gov't divided, small, and helpless as possible.

King County Charter Amendment No. 4: Creates additional qualifications for county elected officials. Just say no, on principle. If they can qualify as a voter and make the filing requirements, then they are qualified - down this path lies a whole new variety of gerrymandering. Not only no, but Hell No.

King County Charter Amendment No. 5: Establishing Forecast Council and Office of Economic and Financial Forecasting. With the county diving 90+ million into the hole, we can't afford any bright shiny bureaucracies just presently - and isn't this what we already pay some folks for?

King County Charter Amendment No. 6: Flips budget deadlines around. I can't divine any good reason for it, so, vote no. If in doubt, toss it out.

King County Charter Amendment No. 7: Makes citizen initiatives dramatically more difficult. Just say no, as initiatives have proven a really neat way to hold the elected types feet to the fire.

King County Charter Amendment No. 8: Non-partisan elections. Why? At least as is, we can begin to tell the goats from the sheep, something the average voter needs all the help they can get at. Leave it alone, and just say no.

Proposition 1 (Seattle): No. The Pike Place Market renovation bond authorization. Just say no. The Market does, in fact, need structural upgrades and reinforcements (as well as infrastructure improvements) - however, we're busy warming up to a nasty recession. We can't afford it just now.

Proposition 2 (Seattle): No. Parks Bond Authorization. Again, we can't afford this right now. The city is 60 million in the hole and trying for depth - we need to be reducing our capital and maintenance commitments, not expanding them. Call back in ten years, after the trolley is back on the waterfront.

Sound Transit Proposition #1: NO.
Would expand an already failed and over-budget range of rolling petri dishes onto a region designed physically and socially for individual transit. A region with broadly differing work schedules and a thinly spread urban/suburban population is not a good candidate for mass transit solutions - and we certainly can't afford this critter just presently. Just say no, and tell them to build some nice cheap roads.

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Drang said...

There's a couple I disagreed with you one, but by and large we are in agreement. Mrs. Drang asked me what I think of Postma, who is running against Adam Smith in the 9th, and I listed my reasons for voting for him, starting with "He's not Adam Smith."
"I thought you liked Adam Smith!"
"He's an NRA 'B' Democrat, and he helped get the Army to unscrew my retirement pay, but that's his job. He also voted for the Bailout Bill both times. Kiss of death. Throw the bum out. I don't care who James Postma is, all incumbents out!"

So, do you know the clowns who put the revolutionary Communist Party, USA, banner on the overpass up your way this morning?