Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ad CBS thinks you're too dumb to see

A group, Americans for Job Security, decided to create a video ad bashing the Democrats for their support of a bill that would deprive workers of a secret ballot in elections that decide whether or not a given group of workers wants a given union to represent them.

The secret ballot issue rotates around the ease with which voter intimidation can be accomplished - if the ballot is open for all to review "who voted for what" it is both dreadfully easy to meet out punishment upon those who oppose union representation - but also to point out well in advance that such punishment will be doled out.

A secret ballot tends to make that process of intimidation and punishment much more challenging for the naughty.

But back to that advertisement. CBS wouldn't air it (the other MSM networks did not seem to have a problem) because the advertisement showed unvoiced video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...because they were afraid it would "confuse" viewers...

View below, and decide if you're too ditzy to comprehend what's going on...

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