Thursday, July 26, 2012

U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

Well. The final draft of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty has emerged from the stygian gloom of the nether regions of international diplomacy, that foul cesspit known as the United Nations.

I think my response summarizes as: "See Last Post"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For every movement, a theme song...

“But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers and not in the hands of crooks. They belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities,” - Barack Obama - July 25, 2012

Mr. Obama, I believe the community of presently law-abiding gun-owners has a response for you... a theme song, if you will...

We are DONE with compromise. We are done with ending with the crumbs of what was once a beautiful and desirable cake. We are done selling out cheap.

We want our rights, and we bloody well want them all. We are coming for you in the courts. We are coming for you in the legislatures and the halls of Congress. And we are coming for you at the ballot box. We hope those efforts are sufficient to make the necessary change.

We are tired of decades of mealy-mouthed apologists denigrating our nation while claiming to lead us. We are tired of being insulted by elitists and dictated to by theocrats. We are a free people with a heritage of freedom and while, as a nation, we've not always gotten it right - we've far more to be proud of than ashamed of and despite our failings, done better at taking care of and respecting our people than any other nation on earth during our brief national history.

In short, we're not playing the appeasement game anymore. We're playing to win. And while the issue of today is Second Amendment rights, you can expect the same fierceness on freedom of expression, the right to marry, and the laundry list of civil rights ill-advisedly limited and corrupted over the decades.

We're done playing your game. We're ready to play ours.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A modest Blogorado Proposal

Ok. About once a year, I am fortunate enough to get to go to Blogorado where about 20-30 of us turn a bunch of money into smoke and noise while enjoying food, fellowship, and generally amazing people.

Maypeacebewithyou and I were playing with some numbers, and came up with a way to get more noise for less cash - a group buy drop-shipped to Blogoradoville. The below is just a draft set of numbers. The other bonus is folks who buy in won't have to muck about with silly airline rules and weight charges on luggage.

Numbers aren't final. If you're a Blogorado Invitee go ahead and let one of us know, particularly if you want to buy in!

Qty Cost
Per Rd
.22LR 5550 229.90
.38 S&W 500 240.00
9mm 5000 1,125.00
.38 Special 2500 600.00
.380 acp 1500 390.00
.40 S&W 1500 449.70
.44 Mag 1000 359.80
.45acp 5000 1,595.00
0.223 2500 931.25
0.308 1000 549.50
7.62x39mm 1000 599.60


Buy-in 20 353.49

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just around the corner...

Can anyone nail down just what this creature is?

One more reason it's important to carry...

We need to protect our border patrol officers - apparently, despite carrying guns themselves, they will be disciplined or terminated if they come upon an active shooter and respond with anything more than hiding, running away, or perhaps throwing things at the offender.

So, I suppose, it's more important than ever that we legally carry - so we can defend this latest victim group, federal law enforcement officers, should the need arise.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More GRPC stuff - Sidebar Image & Wordpress Implementation

For folks who just want to do a sidebar in Blogger that links to the GRPC registration...

Is the magic code to generate:


Now, in the wonderful world of WordPress, all is different. It's not where I live regularly, but here's how I did it on the Alt-Blog.

1) Say any necessary bad words relevant to dealing with an unfamiliar system. This will save you time later.

2) Sign in and then click on Manage My Blogs (top right, on a drop down menu under your sign-in)

3) Under the blog you want to add the GRPC banner to, click on Dashboard.

4) This takes you to the Dashboard or control panel for WordPress. Now, select Appearance and then Widgets

5) Now, click on the Image widget it and drag it to the Sidebar box, dropping it there. You'll then get a blank Image Widget Menu.

6) Having done the magic drag'n'drop, it's data entry time. Fill in the blanks exactly as below, then hit SAVE.

7) Now, go to your blog and test the link by clicking on the shiny new image.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New bike. Is good.

Ok. Been wanting a bike for sometime. Now I have one, and need only do a tune-up and add a *much* larger trunk to accommodate the laptop for commuting - the long term plan. Had my first real ride on it this morning, will go out again in a bit.

More on other topics later.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gun Rights Policy Conference

Seems the Second Amendment Foundation is persisting in holding their 27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference - much to the dismay of hoplophobic elitist bigots (aka gun-grabbers) everywhere in Orlando this year. And SAF is reaching out to the blogosphere to spread the good word!! So, in the spirit of helpfulness I've both included their message...and instructions as to how to make it work with blogs (Wordpress may happen later. Maybe. I'm less familiar with it.)

The 27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) will be held in Orlando, Florida from September 28-30, 2012. This event is sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation ( and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (

GRPC has traditionally been the place to meet national gun rights leaders and activists, to develop gun rights victory plans, and allow attendees a firsthand chance to hear movement leaders and make their voices heard.

There is no registration fee and attendees are only responsible for their own travel expenses (transport, food and lodging). Participants are invited to the no host receptions on Friday and Saturday evenings and a free lunch on Saturday. Each attendee will receive over $150 of books and materials at no charge. More information can be found on and

With dozens of speakers, GRPC participants will examine critical issues such as: city gun bans, concealed carry, federal legislation, BATFE policies, gun show regulation, and state and local activity. The 2010 elections will be reviewed, the 2012 Presidential race discussed and recent and pending Right to Keep and Bear Arms cases will be analyzed.

We would like your help to get the word out and make the 2012 GRPC the biggest and best ever. We have attached a GRPC registration banner and hope that you will run it on your site with a link back to the GRPC registration page at ( Any mentions of GRPC in your blog will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need a different size banner, please give us a call at (425) 454-7012 .
To add the GRPC banner and links to the top of your blog simply follow the directions below.

1. Sign into your Blogger account and choose the blog to which you want to add the GRPC banner and link.

2. Click on Design.

3. Click on Add-A-Gadget

4. Click on HTML/Java Script

5. Copy and paste (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) the code below into the “Content” box:

6. Click on Save.

7. Click on and drag the new HTML/Java Script block to the top of your page, right under the “header”. Release the mouse button, “Dropping” the element.

8. Click on Save.

9. Click on View Blog.

10. If it didn’t work leave a comment here.

The Gun Rights Policy Conference sounds like a really good thing - and if we can help it be bigger and better than ever, I think we should!!