Sunday, November 16, 2008


Church down south I useta do the newsletter for called me Thursday, offered me a couple of hundred dollars to knock it out again - seems the volunteers had flaked, vanished, or stormed off in a huff (I'm not sure which) and they were 2 weeks behind pushing out the Nov-Dec edition.

Yeargh. Just finished pulling an all-nighter, and got the email this morning that they would be sending a whole bunch of photo's north via e-mail arrive this afternoon or evening. Suspect I'll have to chat with them when I'm a tad more rational about "reasonable expectations" and "how much you get for a couple of hundred dollars."

Note: If you don't want a pissy layout guy, don't surprise him with the need to generate articles from whole cloth or do a whole bunch of last minute photo work (photo's, especially ones that require extensive photo-shopping to be presentable, are very labor intensive). Grrr.

If you want a rush job WITH a lot of photo's...have them READY.

1) 150dpi+, 300dpi photo resolution is better for any kind of print edition you're not cooking out on a bottom end inkjet (the second most expensive way per page).

2) If you know how, have the photo or graphics in .tiff format. Yes it's big...but it's SOOOO much more flexible.

3) Go ahead and if you know how, convert your color palette on all graphic and photo images to CMYK, not RGB. CMYK makes print shops happy. RGB makes them REALLY cranky.

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