Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Red Queen's Race

Obama has triumphed at a national level and John McCain's ridiculously early concession was nothing short of reprehensible.

In Washington in the early hours of evening, it appears that Gregoire will return to a second term as Governor of Washington by a hair thin margin - and that as a state and nation we have suffered a horrifying game change. It will be at least a week before we know for sure.

Obama will be inaugurated with a quite possibly filibuster-proof Democrat-Controlled Congress and no brakes on his liberal and anti-gun steamroller , in fact, encouraged by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (never met an anti-gun measure she didn't support) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Obama, endorsed by the Communist Party of the United States, seems likely to bring vast and difficult to repair changes to our nation. He supports a federal ban on concealed carry . He supports the creation of a civilian "national security force" fully the size and cost of the U.S. Military, bringing to mind questions of to whom such a group would be responsible, and under what principles it would operate...and raised eyebrows from students of history familiar with the Sturm Abteilung of pre-WWII Germany, a group with such charm that anything even slightly resembling it should produce twitches and nervousness in the prudent.

Under an Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime we can only expect an uphill battle to allow gun owners to peacefully meet, let alone actually sell guns to each other at *gasp* a gun show. We can expect yet another uphill battle to prevent our nation being saddled with yet another, permanent, EBG ban. We can expect further intimidation of any media daring to dissent .

We face the threat of Universal Health Care - "all the competence of FEMA, all the compassion of the IRS." For an example of just how bad that can be, take a long cold look at the NHS of formerly Great Britain.

In the face of Gregoire gubernatorial re-election, at the state level, we look at a Legislature with both houses firmly held by Democrats (few of whom support the civil rights of gun owners), the statehouse held by perennial opponent Gregoire, and the most powerful (if inept and arrogant) Mayor in Washington dragging his pet police chief to the '09 Legislative Session in Olympia to attempt repeal of statewide pre-emption regarding firearms laws, broaden the range of restricted areas, abolish gun shows, and generally wreak havoc upon the land. That is the change offered us by Washington State Democrats.

With an Obama presidency, a Democrat-dominated Congress, and the possibility of a second Christine Gregoire term, we are in deep and foul stuff as gun owners and private citizens.

As has been shown again and again, Obama and Co. support free speech that supports their goals and aspirations wholeheartedly - dissent, not so much. Most recently we've seen Obama & Co. recruit elected local law enforcement leaders to investigate and prosecute dissenters, intimidation of television stations via threats to their licenses.

We all need to start thinking about "where do we go from here?" and whether the GOP as currently constituted, is fundamentally dysfunctional...

For the next 4-8 years we'll be running the Red Queen's Race - running like hell to stay in the same place.

More Later...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm quite as pessimistic but I'm certainly concerned. Not about Obama himself, but at what support for his politics signifies.

This is the first year I voted for a Libertarian presidential candidate and, I think, I will continue to. If for no other reason than to (hopefully) encourage others to carefully consider the ramifications of continuously electing people who wish to do nothing more than eliminate our freedoms.