Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Gay-Bashing, Another Grouch....

The below is a response to comments on Facebook regarding the recent bashing of a young man at Illinois State University. He is recovering, short three teeth and with two jaw fractures (resulting in his jaw being wired shut), and hopes to return to school soon.

That members of our community remain vulnerable saddens me. Between the stereotypes that we "can't fight back" and that "LGBT-folk don't matter to society or law enforcement", we're in a bad place as (at least in popular myth) safe targets for bullying and bigotry.

When we realize that not only (per the Supreme Court) do police and/or campus security folks have no duty to specifically protect any of us, but even should they be so inspired that more than likely by the time they can - under the best and most motivated of all possible circumstances - normally arrive just about in time to take reports from survivors and witnesses, do crowd control, and take notes for the investigators (who arrive yet later)...doing little or no good for the real victim laying on the pavement.

Finally, we fail ourselves as a community when we ostracize either those within our community who urge us to seek out realistic means of self-defense and safety strategy. Different individuals will face different ethical, philosophical, and legal issues depending on a variety of factors - but strategies include "run away, run away" at one end... and taking the steps necessary to competently and lawfully carry a blade or a firearm (or both) at the other.

Depriving ourselves of an honest discussion of options, particularly those that balance the difference in capabilities between a 4'5" 80lb twink or an asthmatic elder vs. those presented by a young, healthy, and musclebound aggressor (and/or several of his/her best friends), is a betrayal of both ourselves and our community.

I am saddened - and I am angry. It is long past time to break the cycle and shatter the stereotype of the LGBT community as a group of designated defenseless and helpless (and thus safe) victims.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What to carry? Why?

Ok, ugly interface aside, on to the main concept...

What, if you carry a gun, do you drag around with you? I'm not a cop, nor am I a mall ninja, nor do I have a desire to clank when I walk so my answers may be a bit different than other folks...

I face two carry scenarios in life on a regular basis, and being a bit of a recluse, a third rather more seldom. 

Most of the time I carry a Glock 21 these days riding in a D&D Gunleather TBar II holster. 13+1 and I carry a couple of spare magazines (total, 40 rounds) based on the combined notions "two is one, one is none" and "if things are bad enough that I'm willing to draw in anger, it's best to be sure that I brought enough for everyone." Keeping all that from getting lonely is a Spyderco Delica knife, some small change, my wallet, card case, and random pocket clutter. An iPhone rides along to handle communications and entertainment needs.

A couple of days a week I enter zones where the local authorities haven't quite wrapped their heads around the notion that Chan V. Seattle applies to them, too. Given that I'm there on a mission, not to fight, I've chosen discretion - stepping down to the relatively unpleasant Keltec P3AT in a one-off pocket holster I picked up years ago from D&D Gunleather with but a single spare six round magazine wandering about my person. 

Beyond that, on those unhappily near-naked days (after carrying a G21 mostly, the P3AT does feel rather puny), I carry the usual goodies.  Knife, iPhone, change, pens...the clutter of modern life.

For me, there's something I want at that location that makes it worth putting up with a dinkier caliber (.380 v. .45) in a smaller package. The suburban locale is fairly safe, and the odds I'll need to engage in self-defense are substantially lower than if I were wandering around Capitol Hill in the wee hours.

Depressingly, despite evidence from multiple other states that it does not lead to blood in the streets, Washington holds onto its ban on bar carry. When the issue arises, I find myself securing my carry piece someplace appropriate and settling for the world of sharp'n'pointy as my primary defense option given that for me, the various pepper sprays and tear gas options work out to be counterproductive. 

What do you carry? Why?

Gah. The Ugly, it burns.

Just a quick word on the new Blogpost posting format. It sucks. Rather than the nice warm brown tones of my blog I get a dinky little writing space and relatively cold colors. The *reason* I post directly into the blog is that it feels nicer than hammering away in Word.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Thugs & Bakeries...

Borracchini's Bakery is a Seattle institution. It's been around for 90 years or more.

In a "progressive" city, that's not enough. Fire a worker, and you're guilty before the lawyers even show up. Mobs show up, invade your business and harass your customers.

Some small number of us have had enough. 1,500 customers apparently showed up on Saturday to show their support.

Monday morning it'll be 1,501 - I do believe the office needs some donuts. Or maybe a layer cake inscribed "thuggery is tacky".

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Newbie Shooters

Took Mom to the range (Wades) for the first time on Saturday. Only got about 5 shots down range from her (combining panic attacks and firearms is a chancy thing, and pushing is *bad*)...but we rapidly discovered that DA revolvers were not her thing.

Arthritis in the hands, combined with a lack of confidence, defeated attempts at comfortable use of both double and single action fire out of the revolvers.

A quick switch to a Ruger MK III out of the rental counter was a huge help.

Now, the other issue Mom had - being startled by the loud gunfire of a larger caliber pistols in adjacent lanes at a busy range on a Saturday morning - I'm less certain of how to resolve.

Will look into the SPAA range and the range at West Coast Armory...see what else is out there..