Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Barrett Initiative in Action

Back in 2002 Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms took a stand - that if private citizens couldn't buy his firearms in California, that neither could any California government agency. Barrett would neither sell to nor service such customers.

He and his company have held to that stand to this day, as shown in the Barrett 2013 Catalog.

"The California Legislature has banned the .50 BMG from its good citizens, violating their rights and the constitution of our republic. Therefore, Barrett will not sell to or service any California government agencies."

Today, the fine writers of No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money inform us all of another instance of courage and effective resistance. Old Grouch Military Surplus seems to have set the Barrett Initiative into action while displaying a certain panache.  

"In support of our customers in the state of New York, effective today we are cancelling all orders to any state or municipal government agency customers in the New York and will accept no more. While we can't stop the trampling of rights that is occurring there, we certainly can make sure we don't assist in it in any way going forward." - Facebook 1/15/13, Old Grouch Surplus
Congratulations on what I hope will be a new trend. Now, who is going to help build economic incentive packages to help those poor souls with gun related factories in NY move their facilities to a civilized state?