Saturday, November 1, 2008

I have some questions...

I have a pair of questions, and sadly have but a puny web poll with which to inquire (as opposed to a survey company with the full rigors of scientific polling). Try not to be offended, I'm genuinely curious what folks think...make your poll choices on your view of the tenor of the national debate, and your evaluation of the number of loons per capita on either side of the aisle (not being in NV, I can't set up a betting pool and giggle my way to the bank...)

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, people talk a lot of bullshit, but ultimately, the only thing that will change is the side that's bitching.

I expect that, if Obama wins, a lot of the Right will offer him the same respect, deference and leeway that Bush has been offered -- but that will be the extent of it.