Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thoughts on Gustav & the GOP

Pondering, as I wait for sleep to come, the comments of Michael Moore and former DNC Chair and leading Obama supporter Don Fowler suggesting that Hurricane Gustav is divine punishment of the GOP either for daring to exist or for spawning George Bush (or both), I find myself moderately peeved and contemplating fond hopes that such public insensitivity and heartlessness can be used to beat the DNC and its' assorted candidates about the head and shoulders at great length.

A thought. Cancel the GOP Convention in Minneapolis and phone it in. Seriously. The national conventions in recent years have been nothing but political showpieces, tightly managed media spectacles coronating known quantities. There no longer exists, with modern communication, any reason to gather twenty or thirty thousand people in one physical location to choose an already-chosen Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate to represent a given party. the face of Gustav, and stereotypical DNC "dancing in the blood" glee - just what does a GOP candidate get out of throwing a convention beyond providing a venue for protesters against his/her cause? Seriously, I'm not seeing a vast benefit here.....

Conversely, were McCain and Palin on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to announce that the GOP Convention would be "virtual" (i.e., let's phone it in) and that they were requesting that the GOP re-direct all funds previously dedicated to the convention to helping victims of Gustav and taking preventative measures against future such weather-based victimizations, and ask that those previously planning on attending in whatever role do the same (and that various contractors/vendors "do the right thing")...wouldn't that rather just torpedo the whole "GOP are meanies that don't care about folks" meme while at the same time giving the GOP a *huge* PR boost?

I'm just saying...expensive & self-injuring party fling vs. huge campaign boost...

Just thinking, is all....

Friday, August 29, 2008

First Impressions: Palin vs. Biden

Given that the LA Times is not, by the wildest stretch of the imagination, a wild-eyed right-wing rag...the above article should prove fairly revealing.

1) Obviously, she is a woman, and this may appeal to many disgruntled former Hillary supporters.
2) She's already run a major reform *against her own party*.
3) She's savvy enough to, in a state like Alaska, purge the silly luxuries (Private jet, chauffeur, etc) from the Gov. office.
4) She comes with a history of tax cuts. (Always popular with the average voter).
5) She strongly favors ANWR drilling (Quite popular with the average voter facing long commutes and obscene gas prices).
6) She's fought the oil companies, driving through a pipeline they *opposed*.
7) As a hunter and lifetime NRA member, she solidifies the gun-owner demographic that previously only grudgingly supported McCain as infinitesimally less horrid than Obama.

Unlike adding a known plagiarist (Neil Kinnock, '88; Law School), the most talented Gaffe-Meister since Dan Quayle ("I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said. - CNN 1/31/07 ), and 35 years of Senatorial support of the status quo (which kind of drags down the whole "hope and change" meme) ...

Palin would seem to gather back in potentially straying GOP demographics, appeal to the blue collar "you're spending my money on WHAT?" meme, and reach out to disgruntled DEM voters.

Analysis? Biden, as VP nominee, is not terribly dissimilar to going that extra step to machine gun ones own foot (a mere rifle shot being insufficient to the task); Palin, while lesser known, does not present any obvious downsides at this point and brings several upsides to the GOP ticket, from their point of view.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

With a VP like this, who needs...

Barack Hussein Obama* has a problem. Not surprisingly, I greet this with a certain schadenfreude.


Biden, a compulsive plagiarist and liar first publicly documented in the '88 Presidential Race, certainly brings no ethical weight to any ticket. From Biden's comments on how Obama was the first "articulate/bright/clean/nice-looking" African American to run for national office, Biden strives and succeeds in achieving the title Gaffe-Meister with unusual verve and inspiration.

In that self-same CNN article, Biden is quoted as saying:

"You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. Oh, I'm not joking."

Two months later, responding to a question in an August interview on Fox News Sunday, Biden was asked how a "Northeast liberal" could compete against more conservative southern candidates.

"Better than everybody else. You don't know my state. My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state is the eighth largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a northeast liberal state."

From another MSM article, Biden is quoted as saying of Barack Hussein Obama* "I think he can be ready but right now, I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training."

And then there are the many and serious criticisms of Barack Hussein Obama by Biden documented as recently as August 23rd in the New York Observer.

By his own hand, Barack Hussein Obama* has hung a dead stinking albatross about his neck and anointed it with skunk oil to be extra sure. And this is before we examine the late-breaking tale of Obama and Biden holding hands as they prance together towards the earmark trough, benefiting Biden's son.

Many level charges of inexperience at Barack Hussein Obama* - with good reason. With only his experiences of Chicago Machine Politics and a mere four years of service in the United States Senate (and absolutely no executive experience) behind him, Barack Hussein Obama* at best faces a serious struggle to persuade anyone of intelligence that he has the gravitas to pull off four or eight years as President as anything less than a disaster of biblical proportions.

Barack Hussein Obama* has attempted to counter this penetrating charge of inexperience with a steady drumbeat of "Hope’n’ChangeTM " - and bringing on Biden, a 35year beltway veteran with all the morals and ethics of a mink in heat, doesn't exactly synch up with the "Hope’n’ChangeTM " message.

Let Biden be Biden - hatefulness, pit bull mentality, corruption, plagiarism, and all.

*Barack Hussein Obama's full name is used here for a variety of reasons. It seems to get the collective panties of the DNC and their fellow travelers all balled up in a capsicum-marinated knot (a worthwhile goal in and of itself) ; so many have made so much of how it's "not nice and not Politically Correct to use the middle name of Barack Hussein Obama (and PC just annoys the crap out of me, bringing out my mischievous side); and if someone is dumb enough to vote against Barack Hussein Obama because they were exposed to his dread middle name - I'm willing to take it in an electoral situation this foul.

Pancake Goodness

Now and again, Costco will run a test product - a really GOOD test product - which then vanishes never to be seen again.

Thus it was recently when Coaches Oats Pancake Mix became available at Costco. Bought some on a whim, and this multi-grain goodness left Krusteaz in the dirt (with nasty comparisons to sawdust patties being made). For flavor, texture, and just filling you up in a way that sticks to you - I've never had a better pancake.

Thus my disappointment when I learned that Coach's Oats Pancake Mix was but a flash in the Costco pan, unlikely to be seen again. Grr.

Happily, I found the Coach's Oats website, and the recipe to take their oatmeal product to the goodness that is the pancake product (as yet untested, but it seems promising. While you can't get the pancake mix, you CAN get Coach's Oats via their website....


2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. salt

¼ cup sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
1 cup milk
1 cup water

In a mixing bowl, stir together dry ingredients. In another bowl, combine eggs, vanilla, milk and water. Add liquid to dry ingredients. Stir mixture until well blended.

Pour ¼ cup batter into a hot, lightly greased griddle for each pancake. Cook both sides until golden brown.

Makes 16-18 pancakes

News of the Odd

I like cats. We all know I like cats...but does anyone else find this vaguely disturbing?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pelosi-Obama support the Second Amendment...

In news from Denver, we learn that a hunter lawfully walked into the Grand Hyatt hotel with 2 rifles and 2 pistols Saturday around 4 p.m., Denver Police evacuated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from the hotel until they arrested the hunter, currently being held on bond. The rifles were secured in a rifle case, and the pistols in the Wyoming mans' luggage.

Needless to say, this gives all of us in the various realms of the Pro2A movement such a lot to look forward to under a Pelosi-Obama administration.

I've said it before, here and elsewhere - McCain is ever so slightly less vile than Obama, and with Congress held by the opposing party, unlikely to achieve the sheer scope of economic, domestic, security, and foreign policy disasters available under Barack Hussein Obama and the Gaffe-Meister, Joe Biden.

Given the choice of a bucketful of crap, and a dairy retaining pond full - I'd suggest the bucket is marginally less unpleasant, and that it behooves us to take the long view, hold our nose and vote for McCain - at least he's not a tool from the Daley machine.

Ayers Anti-Obama Ad, First Amendment

Well, here's my take on it - if a political ad crosses the line into the slanderous or the libelous, why then it's a matter for the civil courts. Much short of that boundary is a clear violation of the FIRST Amendment, and prior restraint on political speech.

In this instance, an individual of means has chosen to spend some of his wealth on an advertisement bringing Obama's close association (some would say, his mentoring by) 1960's terrorist and radical William Ayers of the Weather Underground (aka, "The Weathermen", a group responsible for more than thirty bombings across the United States in the late 1960's and early 1970's) into play as a campaign issue.

Rather than respond to the advertisment, the Obama campaign has attempted to suppress the "bad-thought" via threats of litigation, regulatory harassment, and criminal prosecution. This does not bode well for Freedom of Speech under an Obama administration, at least for anyone not worshiping at the Temple of Obama.

Having been launched into the world, however, the advertisement cannot be called back and is already making its' way across blogspace and the 'net with folks *gasp* discussing it and the issues it brings to the table. The Obama Camp's argument thus far has summed as "it's ILLEGAL and MEAN to say that" - but has not addressed in any substantive way that I've seen as of yet questions regarding truth, and what hanging out with a terrorist says about a man.

The ad in question is embedded below for your own consideration (rather than basing your opinion on my blowhard-ism, that of the Obama camp, or that of the GOP camp - allowing you to view the original source).

McCain-Feingold is an abomination and a blemish upon the Constitution, a pustulent legal boil in vast need of the lancet of the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Damn! The Pink Gorilla Tale is Complete!

Over at TheLawDogFiles the long-awaited Pink Gorilla Story has been completed - long awaited, we loyal readers have patiently tapped our feet and withstood various hints until now, fully fledged, it launches forth from the fertile mind of the LawDog.

Sadly, there is apparently no video - but where's the animators when you need them?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Crusader Rabbit...The Great Poofter Debate

That damned keyboard just grew itty bitty little little hands and typed a fisking upon a bigot in the comments at Crusader Rabbit.

Bad keyboard. Must spank.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A serious moment....

I had an encounter this weekend that left me a bit shaken. A near-mugging with myself and a good (if runty) friend as the guests of honor.

For new or forgetful readers, much as I advocate it, "run away, run away" is not a real option for me in any situation where I'm on foot, though with mechanical assistance, it remains valid. "Fall to the ground and gasp for air" is not an approved safety strategy, according to most experts.

We'd been over by Lake Washington and returned to Capitol Hill (the historic "gay ghetto" of Seattle from the early '70's through the present day) to visit a long-time local restaurant to grab lunch. My friend smokes, so after parking we lingered in the parking lot for him to feed his habit before entering the establishment (since smoking is banned in WA in any business establishment or within 25' thereof) . My friend being the handsome and charming sort that he is, I was not radiating my usual "not worth screwing with" vibe I strive to emanate when casually meandering the urban landscape, such a vibe being counterproductive to my assorted evil intentions.

This was an error. A better strategy would have been to meander out to Broadway, the main drag through the Hill, where we would be visible to one and all. This error was a failure in that best personal safety strategy of all, "be someplace the trouble not only isn't, but isn't likely to show up". I can only plead distraction.

We were approached by a largish drunken bum asking for change, and I declined with my usual "sorry, friend, no change here"...when he persisted, I lost patience and suggested "Friend, why don't you just bugger off?"

Perhaps a bit less diplomatic than wise, but I grow tired of being unable to walk a city street without being stopped every few yards by yet another supplicant, and for a moment I lost patience. Needless to say, the rather direct suggestion that the supplicant du jour leave was not well received.

He grew aggressive and it became apparent I had miscalculated, and that all things considered, things had the potential to get astonishingly grim.

I turned to my friend, and suggested we move on, and he readily agreed. While the drunk shrieked imprecations, he did not pursue.

Sometimes, walking away, really the best choice. Simply because you lawfully carry doesn't mean that your firearm is your first/best choice in a dangerous situation; nor is pride your best friend.

At the end of the day, by my lights, it's really the ideal that everyone should walk away with nothing more than their little feelings all injured.

It's all down hill from there, with lots of really exciting risks, trauma, expenses, and general misery attached no matter how things turn out - but that said, if it comes down to a situation going *that* far south...better to suffer the aftermath than become the honored guest of the King County Medical Examiner.

Still a bit shook, and a bit angry with myself for variously losing patience in a less than ideal situation...and for letting my guard down enough to linger in a lonely parking lot, rather than suggesting my friend enjoy his pre-prandial nicotine in a somewhat more public venue.

Le sigh.

Too good not to share...

A dear friend who, unusually handsome AND intelligent/kind/wise in equal measure, not surprisingly gets a heightened degree of attention on the gay dating sites he occasionally frequents - often to the point where he falls behind on keeping up with replying to all the lusty supplicants.

He recently entered this little exchange (below) which I thought he handled with a degree of verve and skill (and snark) that should remain a classic how-to for dealing passive-aggressive self-hating bitter queens...

lusty supplicant: oh i messaged you several days ago and got no response. in your face, i thought i saw someone who wasn't typical of capitol hill, and that if you weren't attracted by a profile, would at least say so...when i didn't hear back from you, i figured oh...he's like all the rest up there. which, by the way i vehemently avoid and without compunction.

Friend2000: Well, this seems like a subject you have carefully considered and deeply thought about, as the response is both heart-felt and well-worded. You might consider not jumping to conclusions and take other people's lives in consideration - in my case I haven't been able to sort through and properly respond to all of my emails, as I don't log on here often. I'm glad your original impression of my profile was favorable, and I hope you will find whoever you are looking for. Sadly, thinly-veiled passive-aggressiveness is not something that I find attractive. I hope you understand.

No hard feelings and good luck.

All names have been changed to protect the guilty. I submit my friend should take up writing snark under a pen name as a side gig.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Common Sense in Texas...

I first read of it via Drudge (via a link to a media source which shall never be named), and confirmed it in other Reuters based news stories, before reading of the Harrold School District in N. Texas in Lawdogs blog entry.

Seems Sup't. David Thweatt, with the unanimous approval of his school board, has instituted a bright shiny new policy in his District. Teachers and staff who lawfully hold a Texas CPL, complete additional training, and are individually approved by the board will be authorized to carry a concealed firearm in the classroom, at school events, and on school premises.

Thweatt's insightful comments pointing out the general dimness of publicizing the presence and location of a large population of folks made vulnerable by nothing less than the heavy hand of the law have been covered somewhat, but not as thoroughly as one might hope.

In any case, I wrote the good Superintendant to offer a bit of moral support..and it seems he's only gotten fifty or so such e-mails (and three rather less supportive ones). Might I suggest if you agree with the actions of Thweatt and his board, that an email in his general direction might be a worthy effort?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

On the LGBT community response to a McCain Donation

Recently, the co-founderand chairman of Manhunt (a gay personals site), Jonathan Crutchley, maxed out his personal donation to the McCain campaign at $2300 and was first vilified as a "traitor to the cause" over at Towle and then on the Huffington thing, and has since been forced from his post as Chairman of the Board for the crime of supporting McCain with his private funds.

Crutchley's response to one writer is as below:

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the level of vituperation and general hatefulness in response, but I'd allowed myself (perhaps foolishly) to believe that with this new generation that my community was beginning to take the blinders off and see that disagreement does not equate with heresy. I'd suggest my three readers pop over, take a good read, and then respond...please. These folks seem in vast need of a visit from the clue response is as below. I tried my best to not pick a fight, but :)


Frankly, both presumptive nominees are vile and likely to do the country vast harm in their tenure.

McCain's primary saving grace, and the reason I'll vote for him in November, is that he'll be faced with a DEM Congress. Were Congress held by a GOP Majority, I'd probably gag and hold my nose and vote for Obama. Whichever one is elected desperately needs a Congress that hates their very essence, to act as a ball and chain about their ankles.

Let's not kid ourselves - neither of them are good news, and will simply be disasters on different fronts/issues. For 2008, we're screwed.

To the extent we (the LGBT community) allow ourselves to be seen as an "owned constituency" of the Democratic Party (much as gun-owners are considered owned by the GOP) we piss away what influence we have by allowing the DNC to think we have no place else to go and the GOP to believe that no matter what they do, we will always hate and oppose them.

Neither view really inspires either party to really *work* for our votes - to the one we're a "gimme" and to the other we're beyond hope. Not good.

To the extent we ostracize Crutchley, the Log Cabin Republicans and similar groups, and groups like Pink Pistols - we shoot ourselves in the foot to the precise same extent by perpetrating the "DNC owns the LGBT community" paradigm to our detriment.

Intellectual honesty demands we admit that the libertarian, GOP, or conservative gay folks disagree more on means and scope with their more liberal brethren than on LGBT rights. I've never met a LGBT GOP sort who didn't support equality before the law, a Pink Pistols member who wasn't downright grim about LGBT safety issues, or a LGBT libertarian sort who didn't believe that LGBT folk had just as much right to be "left the hell alone" as anyone else.

Pro-LGBT doesn't require supporting abortion, US-funded worldwide poverty reduction programs, a particular defense or foreign policy, etc. There is even room for legitimate disagreement on whether hate crime laws have any practical effect and whether hate speech statutes violate the First Amendment.

Heavens, I've even seen LGBT folks who argue against LGBT marriage as a heterosexist institution that actively damages the uniqueness of our community (as it happens, I support same sex marriage as being good for our community).

In short, the scope of issues that defines "pro-LGBT" is really pretty narrow.

1) Bashing bad.
2) Equality before law good.
3) HIV/AIDS bad.
4) Orientation/gender discrimination usually bad.

Most other issues may be important to an awful lot of members of our community, but are not LGBT issues per se.

In turn, many LGBT folks do not consider LGBT issues to be the only important issues of the day and in their balancing of the issues important to them, may come to the conclusion that on some occasions, LGBT issues don't win in the balance.

Crutchley didn't commit treason. He, as a private individual, disagreed with many in the community with which presumptive nominee of two vile choices would best serve the nation as President in the face of a recession, two wars, and a resuscitation of the Cold War.

A boycott injures far more than Crutchley (i.e., Manhunt employees) and paints us as a bunch of intolerant and hateful goons no better than the Theocratic Right in their many boycotts.

The same is true of efforts to ostracize Crutchley. The man disagreed with many in the LGBT community - he didn't take up axe murder as a hobby.

I despise both presidential candidates for various reasons. I'm voting McCain because he'll not be able to accomplish nearly as much of his agenda.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A few thoughts...

First off, my condolences go to the family and friends of Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney. That any person should be struck down in mid-life by a random loon is horrible

However, it is not of that sad event that I write - rather, I write in a pre-emptive venting of my spleen before the appearance of the inevitable ballet corps of opportunists eager to dance in the blood of the victim in hopes of advancing their inevitable "guns is bad" agenda, as is their wont.

I'm heartily tired of these "lunatic walks in and does bad things" events at predictable locations, where nobody has had the vaguest thought to prevention.

People, if you have a space open or semi-open to the public that you do vaguely controversial things in, then grow a brain and remember that not everyone out there is:

  1. On the same planet with any of the rest of us.
  2. A very nice person.
  3. A pacifist.
  4. Unarmed.
  5. Possessed of warm fuzzy feelings about you or your group.
With that firmly in mind and assuming you have this office/private space/etc for your group - put up a bloody solid wall with a solid-core or steel-core door and one of the cute locks you can *buzz folks in with*, and LIMIT ACCESS to the place.

If you're really clueful, and suspect your group may have a chance of *significant* nutcases of violent intent to worry about - talk to someone who makes that kind of thing their business, and then a second someone in the same field, and listen to them. Carefully.

Loons, fire, earthquake - proper preventative planning prevents preventable pathos.


Thoughts on the Seattle Bag Tax

If Gridlock Greg (how appropo) and his city council lackeys truly wanted to do something worthwhile to save the environment, save the city money, and reduce pollution - they'd convert the city sedan & light truck fleet to electric vehicles ( post haste, excepting fire/emt/police/heavy service vehicles.

Certainly, if Greg is sincere, he can give up his city-funded SUV for a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) and help save the planet - unless it's just *everyone else* who should make sacrifices.

Folks opposed to the Plastics Theft/Ban aren't inherently "environment haters" - that's not required to oppose something that's basically an elitist, dumb, and deceitful attempt to pry money from consumers pockets and offer a kickback to stores for shutting up and going along.

Speaking for myself, I'm simply tired of City Hall nannies prating about questionable science as a red herring to moralize and tell me (and other folks) how to live their lives.

The job of a City isn't to save the world - it's to shut up and pick up the garbage, to deliver the appropriate service when 911 is called, keep the roads paved and functional, incarcerate the criminally violent, and spend as little money as possible to do the best job they can of the above tasks.

All else is icing that more and more of us simply aren't willing to pay for, or tolerate. More of us, as we age, are coming to the conclusion that we're not on some teen-aged idealist craze to save the world, we're here to live our quiet little lives with as little interference as possible.

Towards that end, this referendum, just the fact that the petitions are out there and being signed at such a rapid rate, is a second shot across the bow of a vastly arrogant mayor and a city council to cowed to vary from his strident march. (The first, of course, was the referendum shooting down the Adult Entertainment Ordinance.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The new Seattle Bag Tax is already in trouble...grocers are gathering petition signatures to put a referendum on the ballot this fall. Methinks it'll make it...and pass. Grocers suggest taxing family food bills in these expensive times is a bad idea; and I'd even point out it hits the poor even harder than most folks.

Besides. I don't like Nickels, and it would give me a lovely sense of schadenfreude to watch this blow up in his face. Call it icing...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hot Pink AR Raffle!!

I read about it two or three different places, most recently over at ExpertWitness - somewhat tardily, I'm plugging the Pink AR Give-away...

Larry Correia and Fuzzy Bunny Movie Guns are putting on a raffle to benefit Breast Cancer Research. Larry started this since a member of his family has been undergoing chemotherapy, and it's an obviously good cause - as Expert Witness says, who hasn't had a friend, family member, or acquaintance touched by this disease. My own mother, and more than a few relatives have muddles through this with greater or lesser success.

What are they raffling? A splendiferous fully tricked out hot pink AR-15...

If you're a member of Pink Pistols - this is gun could be for you! Think of carrying it at Pride! If you're not a member of Pink Pistols, think of the cognitive dissonance and fun you can have shooting this out at the local range! Or think of your daughter, sister, or mother, or friend who are just joining the shooting fraternity...or your LGBT buddy that you want to reduce to helpless giggling.

The raffle, of course, adheres to all applicable local/state/federal laws.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun, fun...

I hadn't been aware of the sheer number of Nickels gaffe's until I began listing them...

Since last Saturday afternoon, been busy. Fun began with, as I left restaurant w/ Mom...her back went into spasm...followed by repeated denials of a need for medical assistance...about the time the moaning and thrashing began, called little brother and clued him in, and called 911.

Good encounter w/ 911, Seattle Fire responded out fairly quickly and were fairly innovative in extracting an 80yo from a house w/ two houses worth of furniture in it, and ALS transported over to Swedish. Must've hit the timing just right as we didn't get to enjoy the 4hr triage, Mom getting seen right away on a Saturday night - almost unnatural, that.

They kept her overnight, thwapping her with an assortment of high-test painkillers and muscle relaxants, before setting her loose on Sunday. Meanwhile, I get back to the house to discover a dead dishwasher Saturday night, and have been playing with that issue even as I'm taking care of Mom and shuttling her about to various medical adventures as they try and figure out how to improve her back situation. I'm guessing the dishwasher situation (including the midnight "rain in the basement" adventure) will be resolved tomorrow.

In other news, I've been working on the finishing touches on the Monster Cats' scratching post (4' tall, made from 2x12's, and rather...sturdy), bringing it up for a kitty test drive this evening. If no major modifications are required, I'll go ahead and carpet the base and call it done.

That's what's kept me busy this week...and I start a new gig tomorrow morning....temp, but good pay...onward and upward :)