Friday, November 2, 2007


LawDog took the high road and CrankyProf managed the direct approach. Marko was remarkably restrained, yet left no doubts regarding his view on the recent verdict.
I somehow doubt they are alone in their views.

Before, however, I collapse in a puddle of dark mirth I am reminded there are whole legions of folks who are ignorant of why Phelps' misfortune is the cause of such glee for so very many, many, many people across such a broad and diverse range of celebrants. Even though this case may eat up years in appeals by Phelps clan of attorneys and disbarred attorneys, this is the first real sign many have seen that the Phelps clan may suffer consequences for their general vileness.

Phelps worked hard for his notoriety, and his litigious history (as well as that of his flock) is well-documented in the biography he attempted to suppress via litigation, "Addicted to Hate".

I first became aware of Phelps when someone mentioned his website, learned more of him when he began picketing the funerals of AIDS victims, was horrified by his picketing of Matthew Shepherd's funeral, and ran across his flock in one of my rare foray's into the streets as a protester when his little clan of bigots came to picket a number of locations in my home town. When he began picketing military funerals, I was saddened, but unsurprised - it's about par for the course with Phelps and his so-called "Westboro Baptist Church".

All that said, while I'm sure beyond a shadow of a doubt there are greater villains than Phelps lurking beneath rocks and submerged in various cesspools, there are few better publicized than Phelps and the fellow denizens of the cesspit of the "Westboro Baptist Church" - so while I can't, in intellectual honesty, claim it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person or group thereof...I can say that he and his are certainly in the final qualifying rounds for deserving multiple multi-million dollar judgements against them.

I fondly hope that in the light of this decision that every single establishment, organization, or family that had the funeral of a loved one picketed sues the bejabbers out of Westboro crowd, both singly and as an organization.

A particularly scrofulous pox upon them.