Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A response to "Fear/Opposition to Obama is Racist"

I do not. I have no issue with a black/asian/latino/male/female/transgender/gay/bi/het/lesbian person sitting in the Oval Office, per se. To me those are simply not relevant considerations (though I will confess the small sin of wanting a black lesbian libertarian republican elected president, merely so I can expire from excessive giggling as the heads of a delightfully high number of "true believers" on the left and right spontaneously explode from sheer cognitive dissonance).

I do not object to Obama as a person - he seems like he'd be a joy to sit around a fireplace with, sipping beverage of choice, arguing the problems of the world late into the night.

I vehemently object to Obama as President, and anticipate a national nightmare on the order of the Wilson administration. Coming up through hardball Chicago politics, tutored by Fr Pflaeger and Reverend Wright, compatriot of Bill Ayres, and with previously stated policy aspirations including a national ban on concealed carry and a permanent Evil Black Gun ban combined with intimidation of non-sycophantic media and the Missouri "Truth Enforcement Squads" - there is plenty of reason to be worried for our country, our freedoms, and our continued happiness as individuals.

And then there's the economy...where apparently we'll see a re-invention of the New Deal and all the damage it did, but writ large.I don't need to theorize when I can look at past actions during and prior to the campaign.

Appointing Rahm Emanuel, a wildly partisan champion of a pitbull in the best ward boss grudge-holding vindictive SOB tradition of Chicago as Obama's Chief of Staff - well, that only confirms for me the "take no prisoners, piss on the remains" nature of the coming administration.

May God, or whatever deity you like, help us....

Gay or straight, we're going to need it.

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