Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, duh...

Actually a fairly well-balanced article, a California newspaper is *shocked, just shocked* to learn that when you create an artificial shortage (say, by banning a popular product like candy) that a rather profitable market then springs up among those who disagree (say, elementary school kids).

It appears that the government of China is doing all that it can to demonstrate its vileness and repel Western nations generally, and ethical persons specifically, from attending the Tienamen Square Olympic Games.

In yet another proof that Electronic Voting Machines are not quite ready for prime time, Sequoia Systems threatens legal action against noted computer researcher Ed Felten if he has the temerity to help the state of New Jersey evaluate the security and function of their voting machines. I'm left wondering if this has to do with the investigation of just how the ownership of Sequoia and its' parent corporation by Chavez-related Venezuelan interests might be related. After all, if you can't look at the "guts" of the machine, and the machine is made/operated/maintained by a hostile foreign power...we should be using it why?

Just a few morning high notes...

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Here's a link for casualties/comparisons, compliments of a retired Marine Mustang .................... ;-)

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