Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pittsburgh Moonbat Preparedness

Also known as Street Activism 101 - hold on tight, because this one gets cynical fast and stays there all the way through. Pittsburgh and other counter-protests against the military hating seditious uber-leftists have the potential to get a wee bit ugly, given the greeting that the left typically grants any diverse speech or action not in lockstep with their current deity-revealed "truth". Think back to how heretics were treated, and you should be fairly close...

That said, a few tactical notions.

1) Should it all hit the fan, have your exit route from any point in your planned activities planned well in advance. Should you have a herd of enraged lefties following you, say, after you've made your statement - knowing the way for you and yours to get to your vehicle is a fine notion.

2) Don't park where they can see you or in a vehicle that screams "counter-protester". The herd of enraged moonbats pursuing you is much more difficult to escape with your newly redecorated vehicle complete with slashed tires.

3) Bring personal video cameras and keep the tape rolling. Make copies for any interested law enforcement groups, and be sure to hand over copies to the recruiting folks as well.

4) Monopolize the message. If you see a MSM type, they should be surrounded by your signs and supporters.

5) Think twice before making a martyr. It just encourages them.

6) Get on as many mailing lists (with a throw-away hotmail or yahoo address) as you can while there. It's always nice to know what the naughty are doing.

7) If you can, bring an attorney (or even better, a friendly judge AND an attorney).

8) Never throw the first blow. Form a defensive line in front of the recruiting station, and escort friendlies in and out. Show up early.

I've been involved in a couple of WTO-related street adventures. What can I say - I took severe exception to my neighborhood at the time being designated as expendable. I've dodged a couple of others (it's a poor pair of feet that won't carry you away from a riot), and kept on my reading.

I suspect one or two blog-fellows may have suggestions I'd be happy to include, and some others that for a variety of reasons I will politely decline.

Essentially the point here is that if you are counter-protesting, your first step is to analyze what the folks on the other side want, and then defeat them one detail at a time. In the case of POG, there stated and unstated goals appear to be:

1) Generate a lot of media buzz
2) Break into and seize the recruiting station.
3) Seize and cage the recruiters (unlikely, but that is a stated goal of theirs)
4) Retain possession of the recruiting station for conversion to their own use.
5) Generate a lot of media buzz.

1 & 5 are the obvious primaries. If they generate media buzz either by achieving 2-4 or a riot breaking out, from their point of view they win. However, if they are denied 2-4 and a riot doesn't break out, they are halfway to defeat - if they can be made to appear ridiculous, sufficiently so as to generate laughter among the moderate, they lose.

The weather prediction on Wednesday in Pittsburgh is mid-50's at this point with a good chance of showers. Dress to stay warm and dry, and pray for rain. Hypothermia just takes all the fun out of a protest, for instance.

Just a few late night random thoughts.


Steph said...

Why does the term moonbat make me giggle? I don't know why, but it just does.

I'm curious... will there be photos of said counter-protest?

Gay_Cynic said...

In the best of all possible worlds, I would hope the whole thing would flop into near-terminal boredom, and there wouldn't be anything worth covering.

Unfortunately, I don't see it playing out that way, and suspect their will be pictures - hopefully, "our team" can spin the event our way. :)