Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Berlin Olympics Redux?

In 1936, the International Olympic Committee screwed up on a grand scale for its' first time, holding the Olympics in the capital of a nation rapidly sinking into a sinkhole of evil led by a bigoted megalomaniac, in the face of a failed effort to inspire a boycott of those games by the Western Nations.

Prior to the '36 Olympics, Hitler and his minions carefully scrubbed Berlin of "Jews Not Wanted" signs, instructed police not to enforce anti-homosexual laws of the era against foreigners, and rounded up roughly 800 gypsies for placement in a special "camp" well outside of public (or more importantly, Olympic visitors) view.

Beijing seems similarly enthused. Possible protesters, schools for migrant children, cats, and others the superannuated senile sycophants of the sino-politburo view as reflecting badly upon their reprehensible regime (Google "Tibet Human Rights", "Falun Gong Human Rights", and "China political dissent human rights") all seem to be vanishing at ever-increasing speed as the clock ticks away towards the 2008/1936 Beijing/Berlin Olympics.

In 1980, faced with widespread Soviet aggression, the United States and other nations boycotted the '80 Moscow Olympics. I'm waiting to hear an argument why we shouldn't similarly boycott the '08 Olympics in Beijing in light of the Beijing regimes abysmal human rights record, their support of rogue nations, and general bad behavior.

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