Thursday, March 20, 2008

I guess I'm a bad person....

Well, it seems I've been censored. While I did re-use a title from a post here to post something different on another blog related to a chatroom I frequent, lack of originality was not the offense.

It was having the temerity to post a video making the Great Saint Obama look bad, and I must admit I am rather disappointed in the blog (and chatroom) operator, who until this time has maintained both blog and chatroom as open forums, specifically decrying the evils of censorship for anything much short of a personal attack.

So, even though I knew he was an Obama supporter, I had thought him rather more possessed of principal and was surprised at the fuss when I posted the below. I am saddened to discover I was mistaken. I suppose what really pissed me off, as is the usual case, is that I expected far better of him.

I certainly acknowledge the right of a blogowner to censor fellow blog-writers or commenters, but "having the right to do something" doesn't make it "Right to do something".

The blog in question is over at and all are welcome to comment, including whatever links they feel are appropriate.


Just a thought, if a white guy were to say something about an “official victim group” and such statement would be considered racist/bigoted/discriminatory/officially naughty - how is it that a similar statement from a member of an official victim group about a group or individual *not* so designated…isn’t racist or relevant?

Just sayin…

And outta simple fairness…..

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p00ky said...

nah, not a bad person, you just got lazy:) response to the event affectionately posted at: