Saturday, March 15, 2008

On the Olympics...

Yet another reason to support boycotting the Olympics, the barbarity of China in Tibet, coupled with the childishness of pressuring Nepal to ban access to Everest to prevent protests as the Olympic torch passes through, and let us not forget the recent pro-animal-cruelty cleanup campaigns of the doddering dingleberries of Beijing.

Not surprisingly the International Olympics Committee President Jonathan Rogge suggests that a boycott is a bad thing, but that's kind his job, isn't it? That no matter how badly behaved a host nation might be, that once committed, until a game cycle is ended - that the President of the IOC, given the essential moral cowardice of that body, must defend at all costs the host nation lest the games be disturbed or future games be impacted.

A simple question - when does cruelty, blood, and oppression outweigh playing games?

An update 0402 16 Mar 08 from our friends at the Beeb: 80+ dead in Lhasa protests

Update courtesy of Crusader Rabbit: New Zealand Government Waffles

Can we start the Olympic Boycott yet?

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