Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Note some added blogs to my list of infamy celebrating variously political incorrectness, fine writing (in my opinion), and dark humor. I commend to you:

Random Nuclear Strikes, a frequent purveyor of inconvenient truths and little tales neglected by the depressingly biased main stream media. It's kind of nice to see a fellow writer from Western Washington, as well.

, an exceptionally well-written soldiers tale shared by a stunningly handsome 1st Lt. Ladies, I do believe he plays on your side of the fence, and he shows sufficient wit and character in his writing that odds seem good he's quite a catch (he's taken!). Remember, support your local soldiers!

Crusader Rabbit, an Aussie blogger of considerable wit (I like wit, sue me) and writing talent capable of pointing out the inconvenient and politically incorrect truths with a special talent for recognizing and deflating self-destructive islamophilia.

Free New Hampshire, a libertarian hunting'n'politics journal from the home of the Free State Project - a good read, providing both insights and hints as to what sort of whackiness the control freaks of the left (we'll deal with the ones on the right another time) are getting up to back East.

Atomic Nerds, stumbled across courtesy of Matt G. over at Better & Better with some of the worlds best cat stories and tales of deeply misguided cruise lines best quantified as floating excuses for mutiny.

DeathChic, the famed mortician wannabe that some may recognize from prior bloggarific efforts long ago and far away.

, a celebration of libertarian lesbian thought with a delightfully snarky twist.

The Gun Toting Liberal, a study in cognitive dissonance. Like cod liver oil, he's good for us.

I think that covers the new blogroll roundup. The blogroll, originally, was by order what was convenient for me - I wanted the blog I usually wanted to read first in the morning up at the top, and to progress through to blogs I enjoyed but were less certain to reduce me to helpless evil giggles over coffee, awed admiration at writing skill and classic verbiage, or wise insights on a daily basis.

At some point a much more sophisticated of blog roll organization was achieved, known as complete chaos. They're all good reads, though some (who shall remain nameless) I rather wish would post more frequently. You know who you are, but even in my selfish desire for a steady supply of fun(note, my definition of fun may not be a 1:1 match with yours) reading material, I recognize folks have lives to lead beyond writing insightful, amusing, and often wise blog entries. :)

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