Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NY Dem. Governor Elliott Spitzer soliciting...

Now, to be succinct, I truly don't have anything against prostitutes (alright, insert your favorite PC or non-PC nomenclature here) figuring that what consenting adults do amongst themselves and why is none of my business nor the governments so long as nobody ends up needing medical or mortuary care. MYOB, after all.

On the other hand, I cannot help but take a certain pleasure in the downfall of a self-righteous do-gooder. Ah well, chalk up a few more anti-brownie points on the scoreboard of life for me, I suppose. While I rarely visit American Spectator, as my blood pressure tends to rise on rather predictable topics, Larry Thornberry over at American Spectator (as well as Marko over at Munchkin Wrangler) both have worthwhile words to share on Spitzer and his downfall.

I do ask, however, how is it that MSM is always gleeful to point out party affiliation when a GOP critter misbehaves, but somehow can't bring itself to share with equal glee that Spitzer is a Democrat?


steph said...

I was kind of wondering the same thing... also, what is up with the media blitz in these matters anyway? I mean, the shots of his vehicle being stuck in traffic and the glee with which they photographed him during the resignation was nothing short of sickening and ridiculous.

Gay_Cynic said...

My guess is that they are, as the U.S. public becomes largely jaded to such things, enjoying a last frenetic hurray of the sex scandal - before such things become dry "misappropriation of funds/resources" sorts of cases, with the whole sex thing regarded as the outmoded moralizing laws of a past age that are best left in the past.

Then again, I may be a wee bit cynical this morning.