Thursday, March 6, 2008

Florida plays a little rough...

"Hrmf. So you don't like when we held our primary, and won't seat our delegates unless we hold a new primary? Fine - YOU pay for it."

I have a wee suggestion for Florida, to *help* facilitate the train wreck process. Perhaps Gov. Crist and his friendly GOP legislative band could issue something along the lines of:

Dear Howard Dean,

Thank you for the laugh regarding your suggestion we pay 20 million dollars from the pockets of Florida taxpayers to accommodate your petty rules. Not going to happen.

In the spirit of fun, to promote respect of Florida voters, and similarly the respect of the sovereignty of the State of Florida, unless by 15 April we receive confirmation that the delegates lawfully elected in our January primaries will be seated at the Democratic National Convention or that the DNC will pay all expenses to hold a "re-do" primary to satisfy their pettiness we propose to make a somewhat different use of 20 million taxpayer dollars.

We propose to spend twenty million dollars on a Voter Education Program broadcast on local television, focusing on how a national party chose to disenfranchise Florida voters out of sheer pettiness in the belief that party rules trumped the right of states to set the dates and times of their own elections. We anticipate very thorough media coverage.

Best Wishes,

Bill & Co.

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