Monday, March 24, 2008


First, I'm emphatically not dismissing the tragedy or the sacrifices made by U.S. troops in Iraq or anyplace else over the years.

Second, I am mightily tired of the body count number being flung about as if somehow wars could be fought with fairy wands rather than conventional ordnance and that thus the casualties are due to the incompetence/evil/wrongheadedness of the current administration.

Finally, I observe that from what reports I've seen (Ref. 1, courtesy of DiamondMair; Ref. 2), for being at war, our casualty rate is actually pretty darned low - more of our wounded are recovering to higher standards, and fewer troops are dying as a result of combat. (I phrase it that way because a certain percentage of deaths remain about the same in war or peace, whether "death by dumb" or simple statistical probability - take any large group, and a certain percentage will kick over quite reliably, without any further intervention required.)

With all that said - if you're against the damned war, make a logical argument rather than dancing in the blood. Quit the public hissy fits, and contribute to the discussion.

Note: Ref's are edits, and many thanks to DiamondMair!

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