Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pittsburgh to cage Recruiters?

According to LGF, the Pittsburgh Organization Group (I linked because you've got to see this to believe it) plans to spend an adventuresome evening on March 19th breaking into local recruiting stations, kidnapping recruiters to hold indefinitely, and converting the recruiting station(s) to "something useful for the community."

Now, to me...that sounds an awful lot like conspiracy to kidnap a federal employee and theft/damage of federal property. In a relatively gentle moment, might I suggest preemptive arrests on those charges might well cut down on the bloodshed and drama?

Alternatively, and closer to my own convictions - might I suggest that a joint forces greeting party in regimental strength with orders to defend said positions might be in order?

I'm unamused with these turkeys and their spiritual counterparts over in Code Pink engaging in sedition, and now (taking them at their word) conspiring to engage in kidnapping and other felonious antics.

I've participated in street protests...hell, I've helped lead one. There are lines that should not be crossed, and if crossed, merit instant and heavy-handed response. Assault, kidnapping, murder, arson, looting all pretty well cross those lines beyond a shadow of a doubt - and I'd argue that the line is drawn well before those rather obvious violations, right about the time folks property rights and mobility are interfered with. And I could likely be persuaded that I'm being too generous....but having been on the other side of the question, I'm really enamored of freedom of assembly as well.

I continue to hope for counter-protests by veterans and their families outside the headquarters of Code Pink and its' sister organizations, as that seems only fair.

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