Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blips & Bleeps

Denver Boneheads censor Vanity Fair
In an unsurprising, but yet depressing, move Denver Airport officials offer wifi at the airport - but censor Vanity Fair and tech websites in an effort to create a "family-friendly" environment. Silly me, I thought that keeping an eye on the websites kids visits was parents jobs - not the job of a unelected official to determine what laptop owning adults may or may not access.

Does Obama "Dance a little sidestep"?

Gay Patriot brings an oddly appropriate viewpoint to the table regarding B. Hussein Obama...

A Clarion Call?

I'm not sure I'm 110% on board, but in general I tend to agree that gathering large herds of sheep and neutered wolves and hanging largish signs about announcing "defenseless victims here!" is a less than good idea. Adding sheepdogs, armed licensed citizens, to the mix seems prudent as both a deterrent and a prophylactic - after all, who better to stop a loon on a killing spree than the proposed victims that are already present, providing zero response time.

What lesson are we teaching?
An employer generally owns our mind andefforts for eight hours a day, and after that, so long as we refrain from criminal activity and from disclosing proprietary matters (and perhaps from engaging in activities that would bring disrepute upon our employer, though that is more debatable) - our time, our mind, and our thoughts are our own.

In this case of student freedom of speech we see a court affirming a revolutionary new theory - that schools may not only regulate student speech in school and at student activities, but may penalize speech the school finds offensive on the internet, posted from the students home computer outside of school hours.

Air Force blocks blogs Wholesale...

Of course, no Air Force enlisted or officer personnel will EVER go home and actually use a computer, nor will they utilize proxy relays to view the "forbidden blogosphere". Exercise in futility...

Odds and Sods

Dan Savage, the famed sex columnist, welcomes Nader to the Presidential Race...

Spending Public Dollars to Make Folks Feel Unwelcome
A lovely example of tax dollars wasted to develop a fun new form of bigotry, and yet another example of liberal tolerance and acceptance in the responses in the comments, with more than a bit of tackiness thrown in from the other side of the aisle as well.

For a mere $36,000.00, live gas-free (within 30 miles)

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