Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Big Three

The stench wafting across the swamp is a trio of festering pustules of authoritarian fantasy masquerading as Presidential candidates.

This is a hint. (And a warning, Adult language may follow.)

I do not like any of them, I do not.
Not a little, not a lot.

Empty words, meaning free
From big-eared man on demagogic spree.

Elitist witch, from swamps most dire
Coasts on coat tails of quite large liar.

Fogy Warrior, RINO named
By own petard hoisted, and freedom gamed.

Aside from my amateurish attempts at poetry, I dislike (as should certainly be obvious by now) all three major candidates and regret the unlikelihood of some kind of divine intervention providing us even a single candidate worth a damn. I'm not that terribly much more thrilled with either the Democratic Party or the GOP in general, and in particular for gracing us with this bi-partisan trio of festering boils upon the buttocks of humanity. I anticipate extended crankiness.

That said, I've been reading other bloggers, talking to friends, and holding my tongue since Thompson bowed out, and contemplating what the best response for the country might be to this trio of walking turds.

Others have said it, but I concur. We are well and truly screwed, as a nation, with this selection of swamp fauna - our only real choice at this point is how badly and how frequently we want to be screwed without talent, affection, or lubricants.

I'm not remotely happy about it, but I'm voting for damage control. The suggestions that McCain might well sabotage the GOP (the necessary counterbalance for the Democratic Party as long as we're stuck in bipartisan mode) irretrievably if he gets anything less than total support, that our best hope is ensure that for the next four years that the deadlock of a President of the party opposite to that holding the reigns in Congress keeps the loons from either side from significantly advancing their agendas, and the certainty that while McCain is bad (little better than ClObama Lite) that the real ClObama is even worse drive my choice.

Tempting as it is, I can't see walking away from this clusterfuck this time around to "teach a lesson". I can't bring myself to support a doomed libertarian presidential candidate beyond a purely theoretical level, only because the notion of a ClObama term is so utterly unpleasant to contemplate.

What little pleasure I will be able to take from this election will, with any luck at all, be the eviction of Bush from office, dimmed by the fact that regardless of who wins, they are likely to bugger things up even worse than he has.

The best hope is to push for libertarians (yay!) and GOP folk of the "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" bent to not only run for congressional but state/local positions in hopes of developing candidates worth a damn for the 2012 elections. Until then, to quote another blog, as a nation we must learn to "embrace the suckage".


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