Thursday, August 15, 2013

GunAuction & stuff

Ok, I got the email  from,  too. The key thing I get out of the email is that while there is an interest in a fairly straight forward transaction, they appear interested in content distribution deals and such as well - I tend to regard this as a "conversation opener" that each blogger will have to hammer out for themselves where and how this might all work for them.

But I know some of the folks over there, David in particular, and they (and he) are good people that if you choose to do business with them that you can trust and that are VERY supportive of the firearms community. 

They are are serious sponsors of the Second Amendment Foundation, the official auction site of the NRA and committed not only to making a profit, but to the twin principles of supporting the community that supports them and not being jerks all at the same time. And David is their marketing guy (promise guys, I've shaken his hand and taken his phone calls and everything!)...

Whether you want to accept the proposal that they put forth or negotiate with David in good faith to come to some kind of other arrangement (or just decline) is  all good. The one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that this email is sincere and that David & Co do not mess around - if they agree to do something, in my experience, it simply happens.

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