Monday, July 16, 2007

Returns, Visits, Pro-active Responses, and Familial Harmony

About 11ish local time last night I made it back to the NW Big Damp Spot and was greeted at the airport by a dear friend bearing Godiva Chocolates (the man knows how to comfort me) and the opportunity to register to get my bags back from Memphis.

That second task accomplished, we segued forth in conversation and motion to the local gourmet equivalent of a Denny's - unlike Denny's the food and decor are both good, the staff and most of the patrons are non-scary, and the service is good. As we sat nibbling at Fettuccine Venetia (Prawns, scallops, shrimp, halibut in a Garlic cream sauce) and Chicken Parmigiana.

Buddy quickly perceived I was well primed to segue forth this morning and wreak havoc upon the wrong-doers, and offered me sage advice and giggled helplessly as I suggested appearing with a taser baton with Elmer Fudd's immortal "Kill the Wabbit" as background/theme music as I strode forth to provide motivational therapy.

I'm a little warped.

Nonetheless, on awaking, I crawled out of bed and initiated communication with Dad's Primary Care physician (who'd somehow been left out of the loop, a condition that rapidly changed as he is an *annoyed* senior luminary at Bigger City Hospital) and got him started researching on the families behalf. Also got in touch with the folks insurance agent, and was assured that in combination w/ MediScare the various options for rehab/intermediate/short/long term care were all covered and since the agent is a family friend after this long, that I should keep him informed.

Dad was better than he'd been described. There is still a fair amount of medical "WTF" going on, but now that he's in ICU the staff seem VERY attentive and helpful, and while it's rough on Dad they are exploring an ever broader range of diagnostic options through testing. Basically, the general consensus is that he is displaying consistent stroke-like symptoms, however, tests keep coming back negative - leading the Primary Care provider to wonder if it's a transitory stroke, Sundowners brought on by the initial hospitalization, or an infectious disease issue.

The infectious disease guy is on the page, which I approve, that he really doesn't care what the stroke team does at this point - he's not going to sign off on letting Dad out until he's absolutely certain that the MRSA infection is absolutely purged. No outpatient infusion program this time.

All in all, things are better than they were yesterday, and I've been learning crap about strokes that I'd be just as happy to have never needed to know.

Presently am in negotiation with Mom about building a ramp up to the front landing so there's ONE easy-access entry to the house for Dad that doesn't involve steps, and to get rid of an immense coffee table so that a walker-user can traverse the living room w/o screams of frustration or simply abandoning the walker.

On the luggage front, my luggage will leave Memphis (hopefully) tomorrow morning at 0600ish local time to arrive in Big Damp Spot around 1100ish...I may just have them shipped to my I'd rather visit Dad after work than boogie on down to the airport.

Will try, once the dust settles, to get back to my screed on why a certain local Mayor is an arrogant ninny-hammer with good odds of either having an unnatural yearnings for the porcine (IMHO), or perhaps is the off-spring of multi-species union at least one party of which emerged from the ranks of rattus norwegicus.

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