Monday, July 9, 2007

Damn. And now I'm peevish, too...

Late-breaking news, and perhaps everyone else has already heard it...but from NRA-ILA and other sources the bright kids over at OSHA are getting all frisky again, this time in a way that should concern those of us who maintain an interest in firearms.

A firearm without ammunition is just a poorly designed club, after all. I love the SCA-folk, some of the worlds most delightful eccentrics, but I've no real desire to return to a world where swinging steel and blunt objects are the only available equalizers.

This regulation, as I understand it, would lead to the effective end of common carrier shipping for ammunition and firearms....without the necessity of that tacky legislative process...just a rule-making procedure. Comment was set to close on July 12th, but today was extended to September - yet, only a 125 comments were submitted when I last read it.

Might I suggest writing in, sharing your civil and polite comments, and pointing out that elections are coming up?

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