Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm bad...

Before things got all exciting this evening, my friend and I were attempting to make our way to the aesthetically unfortunate local airport to retrieve the bags that went to Memphis when I didn't - Yeargh. We caught the wrong exit and ended up 5 miles north in the middle of rush hour with no good choices, and then going past a "Peace Park."

Festooned with folded paper cranes, various anti-war signage, and sundry trivia...the park looked like a waste-paper recyclery exploded.

I had to ask - "Ok, where is the war park?"

After all, while peace has its' many supporters...what about the park with the Wall o' Crankiness, with brass representations (made from melted down high school debating trophies) of phrases like "Good men died to keep you free", "America: love it or leave it", and that old favorite - "Nuke'm till they glow".

As my moderately PC companion cringed, I elaborated...monuments to the hundreds of thousands of lives saved by the dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the lives improved and preserved by resisting N. Korea in the Korean Conflict, the tragedy of Vietnam, and our subsequent conflicts thankfully abroad.

I suggested that a particular monument to the heroes of the USMC might be appropriate, and that the Marine Alumni association could be charged with the responsibility of the maintenance and security of the park...utilizing whatever methods, tools, and mechanisms that in their experience they felt would best maintain the purpose and solemnity of such a park. By this time, my more-PC friend was cringing...

Now...as it happens, I do believe the men and women of our armed services deserve our gratitude and support...both while serving, and after. And coincidentally I grow tired of the modern day Neville Chamberlains claiming that all can be solved through sweetness and light, and the sweet voice of reason. And frankly, a bunch of superannuated hippies and their spiritual children reveling in defeatism and deriding our troops...just plain piss me off.

So, I suggested the park might have one additional purpose, at which my friend pointed at the road and told me to "watch the nice movie".

I suggested such a park would serve as BAIT and allow a more focused occurance of Darwinian selection.

I'm bad.

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

You may be bad, but you're funny.

I think the main fault of the current peace movement is the assumption that those of us support the occasional use of war are somehow anti-peace. I'm not anti-peace. I just don't think that "peace at any cost" is a viable option. I look at places like Iran and think, as a woman, that I would rather go to war than be forced to wear a veil, subjected to absurd adultery laws and forbidden from leaving the house without a male escort.

Also, I found your mention of Fat Man and Little Boy to be very timely. I have a friend who recently spent time in Hiroshima on a Fullbright and sent me an e-mail in which she said she thought everyone should have to see Hiroshima so that we would become more familiar with the wages of war. I agree with her to some extent. I also think that particular field trip should then travel to the Holocaust museum so that people can learn about the wages of not going to war soon enough.

This was a great post, thanks for quality stuff.