Thursday, July 26, 2007

A return to the regular rant...

It ain't cute anymore, Fred.

Either do something, or get off the stool. It's not nice to toy with our hopes in the presence of such a complete dearth of worthwhile candidates.

Either formally declare you are running, or quit jerking us around giving us false hopes.

For the most part we have crazies and lunatics in the race from both the right and the left, and no great surplus of humanity amidst the ideology.

Your words to Michael Moore were incisive, well-aimed, and amusing - and needed to be said. Your rendering provided them unusual grace, however.

We need that in a presidential candidate, and in someone who can at least *spell* "centrist". We don't need a theocrat, a socialist, or worse yet, a combination of the two. You appear to qualify, and to have at least some libertarian leanings.

Declare, dammit.

1 comment:

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Fred Thompson. (sigh)

A plausible Libertarian candidate for the presidency. (sigh)

A girl can dream can't she?