Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coming out is hard to do... Part III

Fear isn't rational and it isn't usually filled with fluffy bunny optimism.

This is, perhaps, the third time I've come out over one thing or another. Can't say that I've been thrilled at the prospect on any of those occasions, and this one is no different. There was fear of rejection, financial ruin and general dismay.

Wasn't made any easier by the fact I had a few moral qualms about breaking the news to folks (and my boss) right before they were going to be involved in major events and legislative testimony. Something about not wanting to distract them when I did not see any sort of clinical benefit from said distraction.

Well. This

Seems I ran out of patience for blinding irrationality and spin about a day in to legislative testimony down in Olympia. Law is serious stuff and shouldn't be sold through tragedy or blood-dancing. So, if I was going to be handed a cancer diagnosis, I was going to use it - to quash such hype as best as I could.

Talked with the boss the next day, and received nothing but support. (Remember that bit about fear being irrational and not necessarily based in reality?).

More on next steps tomorrow and we should be all caught up. .

(Oh, re "Part III" - once as gay, once as a gun owner, and now as a cancer patient...)

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NotClauswitz said...

Rejection, financial ruin, and dismay add up to a lot of hurt - not un-like the economic and societal blood-dancing this Administration seems captive-to), and thanks for the link to your testimony.
You sound great, levelheaded and more - and our prayers are with you, even if you're back to being a Methodist. I'm a deactivated Baptist PK/MK so... ;-) Look forward to seeing you at the next Gunblogger Rendezvous!