Monday, February 17, 2014


(From a discussion on FB regarding the unique vulnerability of real estate agents)

Carrying a firearm is an intensely personal decision and should be considered in the context of "this is not some kind of self-defense or safety strategy magic wand." If you make that choice, I would strongly encourage a comprehensive safety strategy to include de-escalation, exit choices and training. As a side note, I would equally strongly resist *mandating* such training.

In the Seattle area we are fortunate to have the Seattle Firearms Academy led by Gila & Marty Hayes (among other training institutions) where nationally renowned trainer Massad Ayoob regularly teaches. We are also lucky enough to have Kathy Jackson, author of the "Cornered Cat" living and teaching in our area.

My contribution?

1) Be where the trouble isn't, if at all possible.
2) Run away! Run away! (if you can - for some of us that doesn't work so well..)
3) De-escalate, if you can.
4) Shoot center of mass.

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