Saturday, November 10, 2012

The meaning of community... and "Save the Schnozz"

A community, according to Democrats and Progressives is either a group of victims with common characteristics that must be saved through government intervention or, alternatively, a group of geographically similar folks to be taxed and regulated (see: "victimized").

Oddly enough, not many of us hold those views. To us, community is at its most basic the gathering of our friends and family - those for whom we would willingly sacrifice, with a greater or lesser degree of cheer. It may extend beyond that - or not. YMMV. But at its fundamental level, community - to this viewpoint - is a voluntary sort of association.

I've been reading Books, Bikes & Boomsticks for years now, envying the talent even as I deeply enjoyed the snark (if her blog is new to you go back to the beginning and read forward - it is worth it). This October, I had the honor of meeting the delightful lady behind the keyboard in an undisclosed location in the American Mid-South-West and greatly enjoyed that encounter.

But as has been mentioned elsewhere, Tam has sprouted a medical problem and faces some fairly serious medical expenses. LawDog, OldNFO, EvylMichaelRobot, Jennifer, McThag, and Dennis of Dragon Leather Works are all putting together an amazing array of benefits to help Tam out. Guns, holsters, and other things are being donated for raffles and such. 

But we need everyone to jump in and SPEND on these to make all this happen. So...go be a member of a voluntary community. Help Tam out.



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