Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And now to the Libertarians and the Purists

Well. We're going to be all grown up here and refrain from a profanity laden rant about the short sightedness, stupidity, probable monolineal heritage, selfishness and arrogance of those who proudly either voted Libertarian because "Romney is insufficiently pure" or "Vote your heart not you head."

Besides, Stingray does it far better.

Let us, however, walk it through.

1) In politics you never get what you want - at best you get a series of increasingly less offensive compromises, and often you only get compromises of a similar level of foulness if not downright losses.

2) When voting and the choices are Evil, Less Evil, and On A Cold Day In Hell - the SMART person who actually CARES about consequences votes for Less Evil and tries for a better choice in the next round. This, of course, requires work as opposed to standing around whinging and posing nobly about how you are going to vote for Cold Day In Hell.

3) When you vote for Cold Day in Hell because Less Evil (or their brother, Evil Restrained By Thought of The Next Election) is insufficiently pure, you effectively vote (by taking your vote away from a viable candidate) for Evil (the unadulterated and unrestrained version).

When Unadulterated Evil wins and has no restraint (like, say, a need to worry about ever being elected again) the odds of dramatically bad things happening go from "so-so" under Lesser Evil to "Katie Bar The Door" under Unadulterated Evil with a taste for signing Executive Orders and ignoring little things like federal law and Constitutions.

While pointing all this out may be futile, I will continue to hope that you will discover a cure for your regrettably severe case of cranio-rectal infarction. In the meantime, those of us with more than a single branch on our genetic map will be busy about trying to do damage control after the howling cluster you and your progressive friends gave us on Election Day 2012.


Ben C said...

Which states had a margin of victory for a candidate that was smaller than the percentage of voters that voted for a 3rd party candidate this time around?

Not Ohio, or Florida.

The GOP lost this year because people were not motivated enough to get off the couch and go vote for Romney, not because a few people didn't choose the lesser of 2 evils.

The Packetman said...

^ This.

Additionally, in none of the swing states (or any close blue states) did Obama not get an absolute majority of the vote in that state save one ... Florida - how do you think a recount would have turned out?

Face the music ... Romney (and the GOP establicans who foisted him upon the electorate) lost this election all on his ownsome.

Nick J said...

Why would Libertarians, Green Party, Constitutionalists, etc. be expected to vote for the Republican candidate? Is an election all about voting for who is going to win? Last I checked, the presidential elections weren't a horse race. Blaming Obama supporters for Mitt Romney's loss (although technically true) is just as ridiculous and makes as much sense. We may be playing for a lot of the same goals but we are not necessarily on the same team. Just how I see it.

Mad Rocket Scientist said...

Two things:

1) I vote in WA. No way in hell was WA not going to Obama. I voted for Johnson because I want a 3rd Party on the ticket & him getting enough votes pushes that forward.

2) This election, the GOP realized that they lost a huge chunk of the nominally socially conservative Hispanic vote because they just have to be hard-line dicks over immigration. Now the GOP is suddenly talking about how they have to change their stance on immigration.

You don't get change by throwing them your vote & hoping they listen.

Wraith said...

Yeah, so...how's that "voting for the lesser evil" been workin' for ya so far?

My vote for Johnson meant nothing, since a) I live in AZ--which went for Romney, of course--and b) what did he get, like 1% of the vote? Statistically insignificant, especially in the face of the most massive voter fraud America has ever seen.

Folks, if you still think America operates under the rule of law, and that voting is going to change one damn thing, then I suggest you enlist the aid of a crowbar and a pair of heavy haul tractors to pull your head out of where it's obviously stuck. The election was blatantly stolen, and the GOP doesn't care. Why should they? They're going to keep every cent of their wealth and every scrap of their privelege, and we're going to get screwed(and not in the fun way), no matter who's President.

It's not about D vs. R or Lib vs. Con. It's about the nomenklatura vs. the people. That's how far we've fallen.

God help us.