Monday, November 12, 2012

A few thoughts for the Non-Democrat...

If you're a Democrat or progressive (these days, pretty much the same thing) read no farther. It will merely cause you to suffer brain-lock and dismay. Besides, this isn't really intended for you.

Now, to my friends of a GOP persuasion, I suggest you read on as this IS intended for you. Libertarians will be addressed later, mostly.

Y'all lost. You lost big. And you did it to yourselves.

You failed to vet your candidates. When a primary throws a whack job of one sort or another (Mourdock, Akins) your way - you need to stop being afraid of what folks will say and loudly distance yourself from the whack job early on. Support a write-in or a minor party candidate - if the voters have stuck you with a poo-flinging monkey as a candidate the only real options are whether you are going to get right there and smear poo all over yourself hanging out with the monkey...or distance yourself with vigor. The choice should be fairly obvious - the long term consequences of being associated with the monkey are rather grim.

You haven't figured out that the majority of the populace (you know, the magic number you need to vote for your candidates) are at best fiscal conservatives and for the most part simply want not to be hassled. The whole race and gay baiting thing is passe and counterproductive. In short, if you want to see GOP victories - you need to educate the evangelical section of the base rather than consistently caving to them.

Fiscal conservatism wins. An awful lot of folks like the idea of low taxes and a small government that doesn't get all up in their business - of keeping their very own hard earned money and spending it as THEY believe is important.

The majority of Americans today just don't get worked up about gay folk and don't see any point in selecting them out for either cruelty or some lesser form of protection before the law. Similarly, the argument is long over about the legality of abortion per se - the genuine argument today is at what point between conception and voting age termination of life becomes murder. A not unreasonable starting point might be asking that question - loudly.

Our immigration system is seriously fouled up and in need of reform - when not even the Immigration sorts are sure of the law, it is a clear hint that it is far too complex. But before we fix immigration, we need to fix something a bit more basic - secure borders. Perhaps we need to tie those two issues together - for every "x" number of miles of border verifiably secured, we offer "y" number of immigration amnesties to persons unlawfully present in-country but otherwise non-criminal.

If someone speaks English at a 12th grade level, holds a bachelors degree in a hard science and has a history of say - 5 - years of gainful employment in their native land, just perhaps they are of net benefit to the United States to admit. Take that as a starting point and discuss among yourselves and let the notions of decency and net benefit to the United States dominate the discussion.

Be economically courageous. Don't hesitate to call out waste where you see it, and to set policies that promote independence where possible and support where necessary. Keep in mind that regulation is the dead sticking albatross strung about the neck of the economy, and try and keep it to a necessary minimum.

Be bold. Propose abolishing outmoded and overzealous agencies. Run against the TSA that everyone hates. End the Department of Homeland Security.

Don't try and legislate morality - for the most part that is between an individual and their god(s) and none of your business. Stay out of the bedrooms of mutually consenting adults, and while you are at it, their relationships. Be the leaders of freedom - propose overturning DOMA and liberalizing the immigration marriage statutes.

In short...the politics of scapegoating are every bit as passe as the politics of victimhood, if not moreso, and it is high time that both were abandoned.


Old NFO said...

Good recap GC, thanks!

shdwcaster said...

I'm not sure even this will work in some places.

Look at Washington, for example. Rob McKenna was practically the model candidate for this kind of platform: fiscal conservative, didn't run on social issues, even popular enough to be previously elected to statewide office.

And he still lost. Somehow, some of the same people who must have voted for him as AG suddenly decided that Inslee's ads painting McKenna as an evil social conservative tea-party wacko must be true, and voted to put a moron ex-congressman who ran on a platform of "I used to play football. I wrote a book about green energy. My opponent is a nerd, and I'm popular." into the Governor's chair.

Gay_Cynic said...

I think in some states the GOP brand is so toxic that dissociation from the national party and a new brand may be required....