Thursday, June 30, 2011

So you want to play, Part Deux

Yes, you can pass an unconstitutional tax. You can even try and enforce it.

You may, however, get unexpected results.

See: California

If you make things unpleasant enough, businesses move or shut down...or their vendors cut them off. They refuse to build new or expand operations in your region.

Something about not being captives to be milked for cash. You can tax, but there exists a threshold beyond which the benefits of remaining or expanding in your jurisdiction are outweighed by your tax and regulatory practices.

Catch a clue, eh?


Old NFO said...

Ain't karma a bitch??? :-)

The Scribbler said...

While I'd say there's no way they can't take the hint, I know they won't take the hint. Politics is as politics does.

Mike W. said...

And on the other hand you have Delaware, a place businesses & corporations flock to because of our favorable regulatory business climate and incorporation laws.....

And of course some liberals in this state want to change all that.