Thursday, June 9, 2011


Sometimes I'll save tabs of things I want to write about...and about the time the laptop starts crashing, realize I've fallen way behind. So, to clear the slate, mini-posts.

From RedState we have the tale of Sen. Reid (D-Nev) trying to slime pro-gun measures to death.

We have a City Manager ordering bad press on their own city because the voters wouldn't pass a tax increase the City Manager wanted.

Gov. Scott of Florida signs a bill requiring potential welfare recipients to pass a drug screen prior to getting benefits. Welfare is not a right, and those that pass it out can set what requirements they like. If you don't like it, move.

No, it's not any better just because you're the one doing it. Bigotry isn't nice, no matter who's holding the handle. Conversely, a private association has the right ("freedom of association") to admit to membership and activities (or not) whomever they want, for whatever reason they want. They are not entitled to a shield from social opprobrium (or applause, as case may be), but membership and participation policies should surely be beyond the litigatory pale.

And in quite possibly the most outre reading of the First Amendments protection of Freedom of Religion I've yet to see, we see a Federal Judge barring public prayer or mention thereof.

In what may be a sign if incipient sanity, folks are starting to question "Zero-Tolerance" policies, and in some instances even back away from the crazy.

The twists and turns of Weiner-Gate never cease to amuse. Breitbart and the press conference.

A smashing good idea, from Linoge.

The JPFO's take on the problems with the NRA.

And Shall-Issue carry in Sacramento, CA.

And that clears out *most* of the backlog (don't worry, we have Breda-Gate to comment on, yet.)

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