Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extortion and the TSA

In Texas, legislators tried to take a stand during their regular session, criminalizing the searches without probable cause using either backscatter radiation devices or the enhanced "fondle-searches" where TSA agents are instructed to be especially offensive - apparently in order to "teach the proles a lesson".

Such a bill, if passed, would obviously have national impact.

The bill advanced, only to be derailed in backroom dealings by the Lt. Governor after threats by the fine folks at TSA and Homeland Security of cutting off all flights in or out of Texas airports.

The response from the people of Texas...was less than resoundingly approving. And now the bill is alive again in Texas...and has grown a clone in Utah.

Could get interesting...

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Old NFO said...

Lets hope it does, and spreads!!! :-)