Monday, August 27, 2007


State Assemblman and State Senate candidate Mark Leno graciously provides us a link to his campaign blog where we can all make our opinion of his stand to protect the residents of the City and County of San Francisco from the dreaded scourge of exercising their rights and being treated like adults.

He proposes to ban gun shows from the Cow Palace, a facility owned by the State Department of Agriculture and thus outside the reach of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and his deeply misguided (and costly) attempts at a San Francisco wide gun ban.

The good folks at Pink Pistols (a LGBT pro-self-defense group) publicly took a stand against this silliness in 2005 during the attempt at the Great San Francisco Gun Ban (overthrown with the gentle help of a federal judge and the Second Amendment Foundation in 2006), but the misguided sorts seem to be coming back for another go-round.

Now, surprising as it might be to some, I actually have a nice word to say about a Democrat. State Senator Carole Migden - she's not Mark Leno. While not without flaws, she's not Mark Leno. While bereft, as far as I can tell, of any particular virtue...she's not Mark Leno. Helpful kinda guy that I am, I'm even going to provide a link to her campaign website where folks can donate.

The basic reality here is that for the foreseeable future, San Francisco and Marin County is going to continue electing whacky folks that'd be considered utter loons in the vast majority of the rest of the country. (See: Nancy Pelosi) Our sole hope is to contribute where we legally can (and yes, I know the argument "it's my money, dammit, I'll give it to whom I please" - it's just various judges and legislators disagree quite unpleasantly), and speak out loudly and with derision for the very worst of the lot.

While I'm a strong supporter of same sex marriage for fairly non-intuitive reasons, I'm also a big supporter of folks being able to defend themselves until the nice folks with badges and flashy pretty lights show up to take over the show - and this leads me to the notion that Newsom and Leno (among others) have crossed a line.

Specifically, a line sufficiently broad to require that I at least speak my mind in the most public venue available to me, and share my unvarnished opinion thereof - and encourage others to take such lawful actions as are available to them to remove these ninnyhammers from public life.

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

You know, I turned on the radio this morning to hear that Fabian Nunez has introduced the idea that California should pass a declaration in favor of immediate and total withdrawal from Iraq.

...then I read your post and between seeing Nunez's name, Pelosi's, and Midgens... well, I just want to go shoot myself. Or make good on my threats to start my own island compound in the South Pacific.

Thanks NWFT. You gave me the push I needed to get the heck outta here.