Thursday, August 23, 2007

New stuff

Couple o' new links, over to who brings a delightfully wry and insightful view to things, and to Helena off in lovely Scotland who brings a delightfully different view to the table. Good writers, the both of them.

In other news, the talk box is (mostly) up'n'running and onsite @ hospital for Dad if/when he's feeling up to it. The talk box is that PC converted over to a text>voice I was babbling about a few posts back. Turns out that either XP or Win2k are good platforms for such endeavor, and that DSpeech is pretty cool as an interface. If anyone with more money than expenses is out there listening, the author of DSpeech would be willing to consider adding some user-programmable buttons for frequently used phrases...

Dad continues better, was on total room air today.

In other news, I'd been wondering for awhile if sparks would fly between Ambo and Babs, and to my surprise and delight, it appears they have. Couldn't happen to a couple of better folks, we should all be so fortunate. :)


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Damn you. Now I have more great stuff to add to the reader. Think I can make "blog reading" a paying career?

What is full room air?

Ambulance Driver said...

Heh. It was that obvious, huh?