Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dang it...

I'm falling behind (again), dang it. I'm trying to keep up and for once make 31 *quality* posts in 31 days, and I'm already two days behind. Drat.

But before I get going I need to steal a phrase and ask "What in gay hell is THIS?" GayPatriot gets the credit for bringing this to my attention, but I can't say I favor this any more than a fire or police chief forbidding his/her/etc sundry troopies from marching in uniform on their own time, perhaps even w/ departmental eqp't that's not immediately mission-critical (I'm a little more conflicted about tax payer dollars being spent to have ANY governmental employee paid to march in ANY parade - call me an equal opportunity cheapskate, if you must!).

But moving along, after noting that I hope the firefighters involved can retire to a comfortable life of ease on their winnings and wishing a year of daily wedgies on the dingbat who would give such an GayPatriot notes, a gay firefighter ordered to attend the Rev. Phelps B'day Party, Revival, and Cross-burning Parade would certainly be entitled to a big ol' hissy fit with judges and juries and chocolate icing...certainly turnabout seems only fair.

Dad has made the great escape (hopefully for the duration) from the ICU at the local version of the GFB Hospital on Pill Hill to a place specializing in resipiratory and complex cases, and noises are finally being made about a diagnosis of TIA rather'n stroke, which suggests a more positive prognosis.

Pace picked up today a bit at the office, with some linux and software RAID issues, testing a database script, and sundry other adventures. Of course, with the phone system melting down, the first half of the day was kind of slow.

And, speaking of melting down, it's that hour of the night when I'm starting to wrinkle around the edges, so a good evening to all, and to all a good night.

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