Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On Trump, Elections

On Trump: Our nation has survived Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant and (soon) Obama as President. We have survived an administration that set up Concentration Camps Lite.

While Trump (at least in his public personality) is a brash, bare-knuckled candidate of no great depth (and clearly not my preference), if he is elected President the world will not end nor will the Republic collapse.

Enough with the hand-wringing, panic-mongering and bed-wetting.

Let us grow up and accept that, with the exception of Huckabee and Santorum, that any of the GOP field would be better for our nation than O'Malley, Clinton or Sanders. Within that paradigm, it remains that various GOP candidates (and perhaps Bozo the Clown) would be likely to provide better Presidential service than Trump - the key point is even Trump, unfortunate as he appears, seems likely to provide the nation substantially less destructive leadership than the (D) on offer - a do-gooder, a likely felon and a lunatic.


NotClauswitz said...

Absolutely. The Election Gods are laughing at us. Last go-round they gave us a Socialist-Muslim Community Organizer, this time we get a Capitalist-German Community Developer. Oh well, it's better than anything the Left-Democrats have to offer.

Charlie Mitchell said...

I read somewhere that, since all of the candidates are lousy anyway, Trump will at least bring something unique to the office.