Sunday, January 3, 2016


A few brief words on the ‪#‎OregonNinnyhammers‬. The BLM station in question is at a wilderness location, well isolated from any population centers (cutting way the heck down on risk to bystanders). Casualties to media, regardless of who inflicts them, should be considered self-inflicted (don't be going where cranky armed people are in dispute, m'kay?).

If LE is doing their jobs (and we've not seen anything to the contrary), they have established a secure perimeter and cut all utilities (water/power/etc) to the facility and set up a nice warm camp for themselves. Given the sites isolation from civilization and the local weather conditions there is absolutely no hurry about anything.

Work smarter, not harder. In this instance, let the weather do the work for you.

Urban adventures, where non-media bystanders are at risk, are an entirely different kettle of fish and may actually justify intervention. An isolated federally owned medium-sized cabin in the wilderness isn't worth a single person suffering a hangnail, let alone getting shot/killed barring significant new data.

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