Saturday, September 14, 2013

GunBlogger Rendezvous - The Aftermath - Part I

I am sitting in an ice cream shop at Circus Circus in Reno and waiting for "next" on my circuitous way to the airport today as I write this. I'm more than a little tired, a bit caffeine deprived (working on that), concerned about what awaits me on my desk back home and a bit saddened that GBR is over for 2013.

The upshot is that GBR raised over $6,000 for Soldiers Angels - Project Valor IT, a cause that Mike (Mr. Completely) and GBR has been dedicated to supporting for over 8 years.

Plans are already underway with Mike G. again leading the charge to put on a great event in 2014 and, as with every year, make a few improvements and apply a few lessons learned.

A few of the notions being tossed around include creating a series of alternative events for the spouses and partners of the bloggers and shooters to enjoy, possibly inviting members of print and electronic media to participate, and maybe including some learning bits around gun law, policy and such. It's all still in flux. We haven't even bugged out from Reno for 2013 yet. 

The one thing that is certain is that GBR be back bigger, better and more fabulous than ever in 2014 - almost entirely due to the bloggers and blog readers who showed up to make the event the amazing  experience that it is, growing and developing each year.


Nearly a week later, surfacing after clearing the office desk off. Manny, thank for coming to GBR - it was a blast to have you there and I hope we see you and the team there next year. You each really added to the event in a lot of different ways.

Next up? The Gun Rights Policy Conference in Houston, September 27-29 - and it's still not too late to register!!


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