Monday, September 9, 2013

And the winner is?

Our friends from Outwest Systems  were kind enough to demonstrate their OCATS target practice system in the Gun Blogger Rendezvous hospitality room after a fine Silver Legacy dinner- with,  after several rounds of competition,  we got ourselves a winner! That lucky guy gets to take home the base OCATS system (roughly $500) and set it up in his home.

The OCATS system takes a fairly neat approach using commonly available lasers and components and hooking all that up to their proprietary software in a set-up that allows either for laser-only practice for non-range use or live-fire practice in a range environment. The most elaborate system costs well under 10k and the beginning systems can be had for under $150.

The system itself gives the shooter data on how much his/her hand was moving as each "shot" is fired (live fire or pure laser), score, rate of fire and more. The software is expected to be compatible with competition software shortly - meaning that the whole scoring thing gets a WHOLE lot easier for several different disciplines.

I'd describe the system as being well past beta testing into a solid industry and retail phase of affairs - the point where it is functional as a training tool and competitive aid for shooters, shooting events and law enforcement training but where you can easily see the future potential of the product as it continues to develop.

If you can pony the money up, OCATS would be a good choice to add to the training  and competition toolboxs of any individual or organization.

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Ghost of The Packing Rat said...

The OCAT System would be invaluable when used with the NLT SIRT pistol. I agree that it was great having them out there. I will eventually purchase the software, and tinker with it.