Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the Zimmerman-Marting Shooting

What we can be fairly sure we know:

1) We know that Trayvon (Tayvon? I've seen both spellings) Martin is now deceased, was 17yo at time of death, and died as the result of a gunshot wound.

2) All parties seem to agree at this point that the gunshot wound resulting in Martins death resulted from the intentional discharge of George Zimmerman's lawfully carried 9mm pistol

3)Zimmerman was and at this point remains a lawful holder of a Florida Concealed Carry License.

4) We know that Martin was black, for traditional definitions of that word.

5) We know that the local County Sheriff has declined charges at this time. State and Federal investigations continue.

6) We know that a great deal of race-baiting and demagoguery has taken place subsequent to events.

We Don't Know:

1) That Zimmerman was white (beyond inheriting a surname of Germanic origin). Available pictures are not terribly indicative. Nobody appears to have researched beyond the surname, leaving open the question of actual heritage (to the extent it's even relevant).

2) Why members of the black and progressive communities are so eager to resurrect the fine old tradition of "damn the evidence, let's not investigate - let's have us a lynching!!".

3) Whether Zimmerman was guilty of "murder" under FL law. (note, there are several - not just one - ways for someone to get unlawfully dead. Getting it right is *important*.)

I think I can reasonably, based on the very limited data currently available, say that I disagree with Zimmermans choice to make contact or to continue surveillance without some person or persons being clearly and immediately at risk. That analysis is subject to change *based on further evidence/data*.

I cannot support trying to make our proposed defendant defenseless before he is even charged (a particularly bad notion in light of the stated intent of a vigilante group), trying criminal defendants by internet petition, and reviving lynching as a community hobby in even the slightest degree.

Between the blood-dancing hoplophobes and the race-baiting profiteers we may see a landscape so obscured by fear, propaganda, and general hooliganism that it will be impossible to empanel an impartial jury to try Zimmerman - meaning that regardless of guilt or innocence, without an impartial jury he may go free.

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