Friday, March 2, 2012

Exchange with a CapHill Liberal...

Anon Lib1: and 7 others posted about Andrew Breitbart.

Anon Lib1:

Remember this "greatest hit" of breitfart?

After Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts died in 2009, Breitbart tweeted, "Rest in Chappaquiddick" and called him "a special pile of human excrement." When critics questioned his tone, he tweeted they "missed my best ones!"

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Anon2 A dead ass clown, is still a ass clown.
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Gay Cynic We do not measure ourselves against the deeds of others, but against our own principles of what is good, decent, and necessary. This is because any other approach is merely a race to find who can find the skankiest bit of mud in the manure pile.

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