Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Starbucks Adventure

I made it over to Starbucks at about 11:30am..with a Glock 21 open-carried (hey, if I'm trying to send a message, I am not a subtle creature) and chatted up the staff - they'd heard of the buycott, but I was the first one in. Might be because this location is on a busy road.

I was sorry to hear one Starbucks mistreated a 2A visitor, and look forward to hearing of corrective action. Take a gander at the first comment by "Dana McClure".

Most folks seem to have had good experiences on this little venture.

Other posters I or others have found are:

And many more...that I don't have time or inclination to hunt down. Good job, all...and remember, we're not "winning" until an anti-gun bigot is commonly greeted with all the grace, courtesy, and affection as a Klansman in full drag showing up at an NAACP convention...

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Old NFO said...

Good point GC, and one negative out of a bunch of stores is not too bad... I did my part, but in Japan... :-)