Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Even later to the Meme Wagon

JayG posts up his 5 "money is no object" guns, and I'll do the same with mine with the same assumptions - if I'm sufficiently well off to afford these toys, I'm sufficiently well off to feed them regularly.

5. Gatling Gun

Call me sentimental, but in terms of historical value and just downright "pretty", a classic Gatling wins my heart. This reproduction by U.S. Armament would be just fine.

4) M2 Browning

Another old warhorse, the classic "Ma Deuce" in .50 BMG has served U.S. and foreign forces since 1921 and would thrill my heart to have tucked away in the safe or blazing away on the range.

3) A certain nameless organization is rolling out an astonishingly ornate 1911 with a truly impressive warranty. WANT.

2) The Ultimate BBQ Gun Pair - a pair of luridly engraved STI Tactical 5.0, with a gloss bluing and gold inlay - and a set of rhinestone grips. The base gun is pictured below. Between capacity and a simply frightening level of tacky...

Image Courtesy of STI International

1) If I'm truly without fiscal limit, why....

This fine vessel as the lead ship in Stingray's Privateer Fleet sounds like an amusing start to the day as we sail off to an extended cruise off the shores of Somalia. MWHAHAHAHA...

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