Monday, October 31, 2011

Seattle Parks Ban, Strike II

Some of you will note that things have been a bit quiet on the "Seattle Parks Ban" front for some time now, what with that case being in appeals for a bit after the initial victory.

Today is another story. The Washington State Court of Appeals has ruled. MWhahaahahaha.

We won. The hoplophobes lost.

I reserve the right to take a few moments to gloat, even if it is a bit unseemly.

That little task completed, I'm rather hoping that Mayor McGinn can pragmatically quit while he and the City are behind - rather than pursuing ongoing, and in my lay opinion futile, expensive litigation with the goal of infringing upon the rights of a group of citizens that have consistently proven more law-abiding than most.

I'd like to particularly thank the Second Amendment Foundation for their fine work in this matter, but also extend my thanks to the legal team, the NRA, and to all of the co-plaintiff's in this suit.

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Old NFO said...

Yea! Another win for the good guys! :-)