Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facebook Exchange with an "Occupy This" ninny...

  • Gay_Cynic: Beyond direct hires, the only way .gov *can* make jobs boils down to "getting out of the way" and a group crossing of fingers (group hug following strictly optional).

    It's a bummer, but there it is. :(
    5:13pm (2 hours ago) ·

  • Occupy Loon: There have been jobs created by government, esp. via the stimulus package. I wrote a story on it so it does happen. However, since so many of those who CAN hire are choosing NOT to simply to make the current POTUS look bad, there's not much we can do. It's a shame how the GOP is willing to keep millions out of work just so one man will lose his job in 2012!
    7:13pm (13 minutes ago)

  • GayCynic: I suspect that uncertainty about the regulatory and tax environments, in addition to concern about the economy, has rather more to do with business decisions than "making the president look bad".

    Certainly the current round of protests would make me deeply hesitant to hire or expand in any region that they were taking place - indicates instability and the demands of the protesters if met, would create a ridiculously hostile business environment.

    Most business folks I know right now, having taking their lumps, are carefully tucking their assets away and not planning to come out from under their rocks until either desperation forces them out or the amount of risk looks a bunch better to them.
    7:20pm (6 minutes ago) ·

  • Occupy Loon: You're kidding yourself then. Businesses--both large and small--have gotten tax cut after tax cut, not to mention the other "encouragements" from the govt. But they sit on THEIR money rather than grow their businesses or hire because they are GREEDY. There has always been and always will be regulation and there should always be, for god's sake. The Bush tax cuts were supposed to spur spending hiring. Why hasn't that happened? Because the businesses "leaders" want that money for themselves. The business class in this country are greedy, they can't get enough. They have more than they need but they want more, more, more.
    7:25pm (about a minute ago)


Lokidude said...

And once again, a lefty stupid shows a complete lack of business knowledge. The thing that "feeds the beast" as one of my former bosses would say, is growth. Businesses that do not reinvest in themselves cannot grow. It is in the best interests of all of these so-called "greedy" businessmen to hire employees and expand their operations, in order to grow their business, with one exception: when they fear for their very survival.

And THAT, not greed, is why they're putting away money for a rainy day of biblical proportions.

BobG said...

Makes you wonder how someone can reach adult age (notice I did not say adulthood) and still be that clueless.