Thursday, August 18, 2011

Petty Tyranny in tiny towns...

Opening with an expose of a farm raid by animal activists near Denver, Bob McCarty of Breitbart's Big Government proceeds to flay a number of recent incidents of local government gone bad - incidents that need exposure to the light of day.

Another such incident out of Oregon kind of drives home the point regarding small-town government gone mad - and if that's not enough, we have a city government in Gould, Arkansas passing ordinances to bar discussions of or meetings regarding any city matters within city limits.

Gould, innovative burg that it is, even includes physical assaults (including pistol whippings) of the Mayor as part of their unique small town charm.

All are good reads, and drives home the point that any government will extend it's authority - legitimate or not - precisely as far as the citizenry and the courts will allow them. The builders of these petty empires often come with large and fragile egos attached, are incapable of hearing criticism without engaging in retaliation, and are not much bothered by petty things like constitutional or statutory limits on their authorities...

If nothing else, someone needs to tell folks that - in the age of the internet - even small town kleptocracies and empires are likely to show up on the 'net, with the full glare of day (and State Attorney Generals) shining down upon them.

The easiest and first step in resisting such idiocy (for it is best resisted while small, as it tends to just get worst) is ridicule and bringing the public eye upon idiocy and tyranny in an attempt to shame such goons out of office. Litigation, if you have the dollars, is a good investsment in such cases. And in each case, it's always good to look for a donation fund that can eat a few dollars.

This crap isn't America, and it needs to be brought to a screeching halt.

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Yep, welcome to litigious American... sigh